Clan Trend

Something I’m starting to see more of as the days go by. I’m seeing more and more clans pop up. Yeah, that’s fine. But the way I see it, there is now a “join or die” mentality. Clans have adopted a shoot to kill strategy, which includes other than teammates. This is just fuel to the already raging fire that is the life of a new player, or a bambi. It’s becoming harder and harder yet to build up by yourself. It looks to me like the game is starting to go towards clan wars. You’re either with them, or against them.

Just an observation.

Yeah I completely agree with you. I died 8 times in a row as a fresh spawn by spawning next to huge fortresses and getting shot. After 5 hours of game play, I finally managed to build a shelter. Now the only thing I worry about is going outside, and constantly hearing gunshots outside my door.

I really hate how these douchey clans form in every MMO. Half the time they remind me of drunken frat-boys that think they’re the hottest shit on Earth and that everyone wants to be a part of them.

That’s part of what survivial is

I agree this could be a problem. I dont like it anyway as I personally prefer solo or small group. Idk how this could be fixed or prevented at all though

If you tired of dying from clans why don’t you join a Non PVP server?

While this is true, there still has to be some kind of balance or only those with the numbers will be able to progress. At the moment there is none and it’s why so many people have stopped playing. I am gobsmacked at how bad the community is in this game, the OP is 100% correct,in the current state of the game it’s join or die or you are just another fish in the proverbial barrel.

Strangely I’ve only had these moments at certain times like at around 3:00PM is a massacre for new spawns, partly cause the server had like 100 people on each server and then normally the rest of the time is fine with me. It really just depends when you hope onto a server, but I can definitely understand how this can drive people to the point of stop playing this game.

If there was a way where a smaller group or a single person could survive on his or her own, it’d even out. Adding more places to hide out on the map could be of help. Maybe add more bushes?

Clans are generally stupid, and using the guerrilla tactic on those peasized brains would make them shit their pants and drop like ants.

Just figured I’d bring to everyone’s attention. I don’t know how to go around fixing it, because imo, it would end up doing something to harm others to uplift others. There really is no quick fix to anything in this game. You’ll always get those kids who will complain, no matter what buff or nerf is implemented. I can honestly say i’m interested how this will turn out.

Well in my neighborhood, we are looking out for each other. No clans or anything. If anyone causes any mischief, we all gang up on them. It doesn’t have to be “join us or die”. Just because it’s survival, doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole.

Most places in Rust are like those old beat up commission housing ares irl where you just don’t go because you’ll either get shot or have your shit stolen. That’s the mentality of most players.

it’s just like the mad max movies some clans are good some are bad. being a lone wolf isn’t impossible but it sure is difficult even max had a hard time. play the game anyway you want don’t have the devs fix a problem they didn’t cause. the players built the world in rust and this is how it is atm the devs can only do so much it’s the players choices that changes the game play.

In a game like this, numbers increase your chance of survival, it’s inevitable that people will form up groups.

There is no way to stop it, the best thing you can do and what I personally recommend is to find a few friends play with and it’ll be more fun.

You can still survive solo, people just underestimate how good having a shack with a sleeping bag somewhere relatively safe so you can progress steadily is.

The only way to prevent big clans on raiding new spawns or a new build shelter is to have other big clans that raid one in theyre size.

For example the “french problem” on the EU server. Theyre terrorizing other players because there is no one in theyr size.

They’re terrorizing us? Nah, we’re downing them so hard.

Agreed, even better is to have multiple shacks in the general area to make for quick disappearance :rock:

unfortunately I have no friends…

that play rust, YET! I find it hard to trust anyone in-game. in my experience anyone who offers you a hatchet to help u out is only looking to get you close so they can have their way with your nude freshly spawned self. Lesson learned: dont take items from strangers, they’re only after your loot! I’ve also had other players running around 'neckid with a rock out to look like a noob who pull out an M4 and pop you when the time’s right. so for you people who are wondering why u keep getting killed after u spawn, that’s why! trickery, trollery and griefery are rampant in this game. its a doggy dog world

clans are meant to be safe groups in which players can trust each other. The shoot or die mentality came from the lack of ways to identify outsiders in the early builds. I remember the FP village had major issues with identifying friends and foes when everyone was generic mil man