CLAN WAR vs STREAMER ( durhamchase ) - Let's Play Gameplay

Hello everyone! Hope your all doing great.

I was just in a clan war. It was fairly epic if I may say so!

If you don’t want to be see our clan killing innocent people skip to 3:25

Check it out here:

Constructive criticism is welcome :slight_smile:

That looked intense, would have loved to be a part of it.

Them iron doors…

lol the guy at 2:58

Constructive criticism: don’t go to MLG with this aim.

Thanks man :wink: I will improve it for the next episode. Was also in this Clan War :smiley: I was watching but you killed him first and he couldn’t really do anything else after that.

I subbed, just in case I need flame you for something you didn’t do.
Try throwing random nades at them btw, seems to do some serious damage.

Ah yeah… we did shoot you quite a bit :smiley:

It was a really fun battle, even if I did get filled with holes! haha, good fight and awesome video.

You guys deserved the loot anyways :slight_smile: