Clan Wars, Bounties, Trading, Raiding and Being Raided - Advanced Rust is Awesome!

So I’ve made the jump from solo player, just being concerned with surviving in my little corner of the world to a clan member and starting to love this game even more than I thought possible. One of the things I’ve realized in this game is that how you accept death will go a long way to determining how much you will enjoy this game. If you are going to rage and whine in chat after every death, well, then expect to keep dying. But if you accept that you are going to die, and then challenge the person who killed you, people respect that. I typically tell everyone who kills me, that they are next on my hitlist, even if I have no way of killing them, lol. I’ve killed exactly 4 people in my first 4 weeks of rust, lol. One guy did the whole, “hey I’m friendly, stop running”, and then blew my head off. And so I did the only thing a solo player with no guns could do, I put a bounty on his head. That got instant respect and the guy apologized and paid to have the bounty removed, we actually started trading resources after that, and now are in a clan together. It’s funny how things work out. But it all starts how you accept your death. So noobs and solo players, don’t hesitate to offer a bounty on someone. Advanced players are always looking for easy ways to get Metal Fragments;)

So being in a clan has been an absolute blast. We’re not the type of clan that goes around just killing naked noobs, (of course we do have one guy who sometimes can’t resist), but some of us like to go on adventure runs to rad towns and seeing what we can get, others just like the farming and crafting life. Life was good. We moved into the big tower I built. And then a clan war started. One clan killed a few of our members who were unarmed for no reason. One person starts talking trash, things escalate. All in good fun. Of course only 2 or 3 days after I let the clan move in to my tower, we get raided. And only myself and one other guy were online and in the building at the time. It was by far the most intense experience I’ve ever had in a video game. There were 4-6 of them and only 2 of us. They were all using voice chat, we didn’t have a whole lot to defend ourselves with. Not having a plan (and panicking), we run to the highest part of the 18 story tower, hoping to wait it out. Of course, in our panic, we forgot the amo and food somewhere in the middle of the tower. Just hearing random C4 charges go off, and all of the footsteps in the building, (do we go back and try to get the ammo and food before they do, how far have they gotten?) as you are sitting there waiting to die, was awesome. Instead of going through all of the metal doors, they just built a huge staircase up the outside. and eventually blew the wall of the room we were in, and gun fire ensued. We lost everything and it was great! I mean, it was depressing for the next 12-24 hours or so, but what an experience.

So of course the war of words continued, and the funny thing is, everyone involved knows that the opposing clan is way bigger and we have no real shot, at least right now of raiding them and exacting any real revenge. It took us a couple of days, but we are back on our feet, raided a few smaller (non-opposing clan) houses last night, and that was intense. Didn’t have enough C4 a few times, not knowing if someone is inside, waiting for a straggler, or hacker to see us raiding the base and kill us. The run home with all the loot, hoping we don’t die. Also, very intense. It was awesome!

For any noobs, struggling players, or bored players…find yourself a clan, with a decent set of guys, get on Skype or Teamspeak and the game instantly becomes pretty amazing.