Clan Wars Economy/ Door-Sharing/ ActiveAdmin/PVP/SLP

100 slot server, looking for more peps, no griefing houses or taking houses that are owned. half
craft. Pvp action KOS action. Clan wars. Economy system to buy and sell resources. Active Admins, no
Hackers. All Nationalities Welcome. Europe, North America, South America. Asia, Africa, Australia. nation wars and clan wars Come one and come all. Want to build the biggest building? Or own your own area as a leading bandit raider? Want to make a trading outpost? Come make all your dreams come true. Newb Friendly Server. PVP Arena. Let the Madness Begin

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MEXICO Clan Wars Economy/ Door-Sharing/ ActiveAdmin/PVP/SLP

to connect fast to the server press F1 and type this below

Nightbot: net.connect