Clan X2 - Facepunch Milan - Lag abuser

Just to point out that some members of the clan 2K (benjamin - spaghetti - einstein) abuse of lag jumping over each other surpassing the ceiling without going down the stairs.
In these images SDo managed to climb two floors without having to go to more 'of a room and without even considering the stairs
You are good only to ruin the game;)

Please let you upload this post
I report to Administrator.

i have no idea what you are talking about. the pics don’t help either.

Here is the second reaid of 2k.
As the first this time they used the lagjumping jumping from the first to second floor and then from the second to the third only by breaking the ceiling.
I report the 2k for the ban of Benjamin - Spaghetti - Einstein.
What they do is very simple.
After breaking the ceiling jump on top of each other creating lag and then being able to use the bug.

thats not ilegal budy… no lag involved… you just jump on top of someone else head… totaly legit
do it yourself with your friends

Really? I thought that second pic was so illuminating…

sounds like you got rekt

GG u need to learn about player hitboxes m8