I have a CBL server and like my server has been down for a day or two now and I can’t access is anyone else having this problem?


Props to brock, taking over CBL.

I know I read it a while ago and I still haven’t gotten an email so is this being down them like moving hardware or whatever?

We do not yet know what is happening to clanbaselive. I think it is their responsibility, and not ours (xenon)

Ok I submitted a support ticket and they said they were having problems and they have to wait for the owner to get back from vacation to fix it

A shitty gameserver company turning into a good one. (CBL - > Xenon)

Except I had a server with ClanBaseLive, as my first. It was excellent quality, low prices and great support.

who do you ahve a server with now then?

I don’t.

I got myself a Xenon server 2 days ago. Absolutley perfect and for a great price!!