Clanker's Final Resting Place[Remastered]

After taking some good tutorials today, I redid my Clanker picture, and I think it looks much better, and gives off that “Holy shit all hope is lost” look.

Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE textures slapped in my face isn’t appreciated.

Nintendo bleepn 64 textures weren’t that pretty,mister

Then why use models from a system that was outdated 9 years ago?

Hence the title “Clanker’s Final Resting Place”, and the fact he is all rusted out and stranded in a dried up and decimated Clanker’s Caverns. I rate you bad reading.

poor roboshark

Oh hey you’re back :smiley:

A) Who’s Clanker?
B) This is kinda boring and not at all interesting.

You’ve never played Banjoo Kazooie?

Never played the first one, played the second one though, never beat it.

It is a landscape picture. Look AROOOOUUUUUUNNNNDDDD!!! This place looks like shit,huh? I wouldn’t wanna live here.

No shit the screw looks like that. Nin.Ten.Do.Freakin.64.

I didn’t overlay it, I used tons of different filters, but as per instructions from the tutorials. Plus some minor modifications.

And don’t put your garbage text on my pic, just say the things you wrote on it. If you have time to open paint or photoshop to criticize my picture, then you have time to type it out.

He did type it out actually.

the landscape isn’t the focus of the picture.

then why did you put it right in the viewer’s vision? you could have chosen a perfectly fine object to frame there but instead you chose some terrible low resolution trash.

you used “tons of different filters” and as such accomplished a task that can be done in five seconds and looks just as bad. how is this helping your argument?

what’s it to you? you’re probably just angry i didn’t suck your e-dick with compliments.

i did. on your picture.

For once I think I may agree with him.


Came here cause people were reporting idclippro

Everything he says is pretty much spot on. Keep practicing, Dragoshi :slight_smile:

Dude chill IT’S GOOD CRIT I would do unimaginable things for this guy to crit the posing on my pics.

Yeah also it’s not a landscape because it has a subject which is a robot shark or something

The shark made me lol :slight_smile: