Clans running official servers

Lately I’ve gone onto a few of the official servers and I’ve just been essentially pushed off of them due to clans running the servers. They essentially just raid everyone and take everything. I know it’s part of the game but fuck is it getting annoying. Especially on my main server which I don’t want to list but there is a group on it know as i95 which have essentially taken full control of the server. They’ve taxed people and are literally a god damn group of mercs. They’ve got like 20 players and they get people to pay them to raid others and as cool as it sounds, it’s literally like they’re rulers of the server. They have everything and are essentially Gods of the server. Their leader is a nice guy, don’t get me wrong but it just feels so unwelcoming to get into the game with 3 people just to have your shit raided every 2 days no matter how many walls you build or honey combs you have. Anyone have a server that isn’t like this? I try to stay away from the community servers because of pay to win servers and a lot seem to give me bad ping.

Play on a low pop server if you don’t like clans.


Its getting to the point to were most players, if not in a large clan cannot enjoy rust on a busy server

on Official server are hackers all over the place at the moment and you guys are like “Duh we hate all those big clans”

Funny thing is, this clan has run the hackers off this server. The only thing we have is the occasional ESPer but they get raided rather quick. I guess that’s one good thing about the server I play on.

that is why the official servers should wipe every month.

They do wipe every month.

It becoming shit all around. Got hackers in one corner, monster Clans in the other and you in the middle.
Even with my clan of 7 fucks we cant play the game as it is right now. sorry but we have lifes and we’re not twelve-year-olds that can sit in a basement all day and play the living shit out of rust, as fun as that would be lol

this game is not a casual game anymore and it’s really no point in playing it these days. I hope the xp system is hard, even for big clans

There is a solution against monster clans. Create a super monster clan with 50 people and destroy the monster clan. Oh shit this dont solve the problem. I need now a super super monster clan to destroy the super monster clan …

I would like to see more detriments to forming large clans, but there isn’t much that they can implement that wouldn’t be detrimental to gameplay in general I fear.

Why does this come up again and again.
How long have you guys been playing multiplayer games?
There is absolutely nothing anyone can do about large clans in any game ,in any genre.
Never has and surely never will.
Clans bring networking,teamwork,alliances and commerce to a chaotic and unforgiving game. Without them, the individual would perish.
I believe OP that your reference to clans is not really fair as well. What I believe you are referring to is Team Stacking. There is a major difference. So please, do not stereotype all clans.

Oh, and this is coming from a person who has played for over 2 years solo

Im on a clan deal with it we need more members PM me if you dont have a clan we can all be friends

So join a clan, or play on a different server.

Problem solved.

I think the problem has got worse with official running 3k maps. Unable to get a base going as big clans are no more than 3 minutes away from you

The only way clans get nerfed is if the game provides some alternative threat that is greater than that which is posed by players, even in great numbers.

threats to players could scale depending on how many people are in their immediate vicinity, to counteract the strength in numbers dynamic and keep solo play viable as the game would know what to throw at you based on how many Garrys you are rolling with.

I’m talking about AI or environmental threats specifically. Say two fully geared groups of 4 were fighting each other in the mountains somewhere, and the game “knows” this, it could spawn some higher level mutated enemies or a couple choppers nearby to make things more interesting. On the flip side, say you’re a naked who just spawned with a rock, the greatest threat you’re likely to encounter is a poison mushroom or a wolf or bear. something like that might be cool.

The server I’m playing on “New York 2 Small” has just been really bad lately. Like… I’m talking 12 people on and 8 of them being the biggest clan there. And hell they’ve gotten bored of it there it seems. So hackers are slowly coming back but the Rust Hack Report has shown quite an influx of bans lately so yea. But if any of you want to join in on the fun “New York 2 Small” is the name of the serer.

It comes down to game design. When you have a single-plane competition for resources and loot-grinding, groups take over… there’s no reason not to deprive other players of what you could have, and ganging up makes that easier. Everyone is competing for more or less the same things, and except for a handful of builder bobs and RP survival enthusiasts, everyone is going about getting it in very similar ways. The fact that there’s flat goals and a single plane of competition means there’s no real possibility for symbiosis… there’s very few situations in which an advanced player or group of players would desire newer less-resourced characters to prosper, or to steer them towards certain activities for the former’s benefit. Creating giant robots doesn’t really fix the issue, players will still be fighting over the same materials. Having the server target well-geared players with bigger threats is just a system of taxation, and will encourage clever attempts at tax evasion.

Rust is a deathmatch, stretched out over a large map and dragged out over a month, and it does this well; aspirations of wasteland town-building aside, it doesn’t appear as though the game plans to evolve beyond that particular mold… at least it hasn’t yet, and it’s late in the day. Gangs will just be gangs… and you just have to hope they retain enough pride to be susceptible to mockery and criticism for preying on solos and avoiding real “clan warfare” servers.