Clans, Teams, Factions - An important aspect of Rust not explored?

Being a leader of one of many rust clans I’ve found it weird that the developers of this game have not worked towards allowing such teamwork to be stressed as an important aspect of the game. Civilisation was not created by a single person. Groups of people put it together and made us what we are today. In rust we start with nothing and most of us are compelled to work together to create what we would see as our own utopia.

Key questions about the influence and problems of clans
Is this conflict between solo and team players ever going to end if the developers don’t put there foot down and acknowledge both kinds of players?
Do you believe rust teams should be given more opportunities to be able to establish themselves by making there presence known on servers and on the forums?
Being a statistically proven fact that a majority of rust players prefer to play in a team than solo, isn’t it about time that should developers focus more on such players rather than individual solo players?
Any player can claim to be a member of a team even if they are not?
These key questions arise because no proper system has been implemented where rust clans or teams can firmly establish there presence and identity in a server without having to add a tag in front of there steam names or by changing there steam profile picture.
So what do you guys think? Do you think rust teams or clans should be encouraged… or discouraged due to the current restrictions posed by the present status of the game and lack of insight into this aspect of the game.?

I think they have been clear in saying that you can make a clan without them having to make a feature to make one in game.

if you’re a good land lord, than you should be welcoming the newcomers, and protect them against your enemies.

if u want to create a clan / team / faction go ahead and do it… theres nothing to stop you from doing it… what else you want ? a banner ? some kind of buff for beign into a clan ? not really needed… you can do w/e you want already in rust… i dont think this is needed at all

I’m not sure what you mean OP, do you want them to add some kind of party system? if yes, I hope that will never happen, it makes the game easier, teamwork is the key and if a group lacks that then its their problem, they should know their friends from the foes. You can share your beds, you can share your cupboards, live under the same roof and so on, what’s the issue ?

I don’t know why some kind of in-game mechanic to control this is required. I play in a group / clan / team. To me, that’s one of the keys to rapid progression in Rust, not to mention the “safety in numbers” that it brings to our gameplay. Make friends in game, or play with people you already know. It’s really that easy.

@Jithvan, you have all the resources you need to create a clan yourself. A feature is not necessary to be implemented into the game.

But hear me this, I bet things will change to this game in the future.

Let’s be honest, there is a greater incentive being a fraud, backstabber and PVP mongering player. You can simply change ID name and get away with it. You can even hack this game and exploit at this point of time which ruins everyone’s game. Is there an incentive grouping up and defending together? not really. The whole point of grouping is to wreck other players houses and plundering their resources.

There is no race or competition at all. It is just an open ended PvP fest with survival handicap and distrusting everyone. Having the strongest wall means nothing if you don’t understand the mechanism of this game exploiting defensive construction otherwise it is just waste of time.

Also, there is no PvE content to hop on an adventure with a random player, and trying to survive the wild is only a small part because the whole game is about not trusting anybody and the entertainment comes from ruining others experience.

This is anarchy and that is why people put up mad max concept art into this game.

This game needs redirection to man vs wild. And man vs man is a whole another thing instead of being the only thing is this game.

So I understand why you want a group oriented system in Rust.

Personally I do not like Clan, when a big clan establish themselves in a server… most of the time they empty it in about one or two week.
I will like it better if there is some mechanic implement that limit the overpower advantage of playing in large group.

Getting competing clans/towns in these situations is the key, they will in turn balance eachother out.

People would need to adapt and learn to work together to overcome these challenges.

More subtle features of being in groups might help to encourage this naturally.

Most of the time Clan is nothing else than domination power trip… Most of the time if there is two rival clan in the same server this is what happen…
First they will try to prove that they are the more powerful and gather there resource by killing solo player (less risky) until there is almost no solo player left… then only they will start to fight each other, but one night one of the clan will have craft enough C4 to raid the other clan, and certainly when there is nobody from the other clan online… In the next morning when the other clan will see that they have lost everything and that they can’t dominate this server server, they will leave and try to find a server where they can be dominant. And the winning clan is left alone in there server… they have no one left to see there power and nothing to do, so they will find another server to. And voilà… another empty server.

I see that scenario so many time… :rolleyes:

I am not a supporter of clans for their very nature. They are created to overcome and destroy the meek. Wait… I forgot its Rust i am talking about :slight_smile:

I get the lure for dominance and Rust provides for this OOTB with chat, voice and shared sleeping bags. Other than flags at you bases, what else do you require. Create clan servers. I am sure you will attract the appropriate clientele. That’s unless what you really want are additional tools to bully the majority of noobs and loners on open community servers.

There is plenty to offer in the game for clans. I feel for the noobs who come across these destructive groups as they try to enjoy their fun and occasional confrontation with forest assassins.

Actually, maybe we should create policeman and jails for when the clans get out of hand. That way we can gather them up and feed them human meat fingers and granola bars until they promise to behave.

Some of you have understood my point, Garry has encouraged clans and teams yes, but by not adding a proper Ingame system such as a party system to facilitate the organisation of such teams we are faced with the inability to properly moderate players. For example no one knows whose in what team, no one knows which teams help new players or are keen on ruining there lives and solo players have disputes against teams for, well, being teams because they feel that they are put at a disadvantage by those that work together and therefore fail to understand that progress can indeed be quicker with the help of a team and therefore act as if the game itself was not made to be a team reliant game which then leads to the common conflict as expressed by some comments on this thread, between team players and solo players.

clan/team functions are too artificial (cue elix with the teams statement on emergent gameplay and their dislike for artificial constructs such as /commands). it’s the same reason we don’t have shops, or levels, or skills; the game is a sandbox, with emergent gaming as the focus.

make a team that all wear red jumpers. build a village and have them all live there. only team with black/white/asian characters. there are many ways to do this organically.

Can be real nuisance if everyone else on the server wears red jumpers xD
Hence what I meant by anyone can pretend to be a part of a team. I read the future update notes today though. The idea of being able to create your own jacket skin would be a major way to ‘organically’ allow teams to better be able to create unique uniforms for themselves. fingers crossed

Jithvan, it’s about being a competent team, if you have a 5-10 man squad and you guys don’t have a set plan of who goes where and when and the communication is bad then it’s simply your fault, I had fun sometimes when seeing huge groups to dress as them and just run behind them then if u shoot one they all panic and at least one or two of them will shoot each other, those are bad groups, adding a party system will only help the lazy and would narrow the skill cap if I can put it this way. I agree that making your own jacket would be cool, if not to identify your teammates just for the looks but still after someone will see you he can copy your design so you will still need good comms .

As far as my clan is concerned we are very well set up and organised and we have no issues apart from players copying our uniform at present. My thread was widely focused on other clans in general that are not in a position to be as organised as a hardcore clan should be, how do I know this? Because many of our clans allied and enemied clans have and are facing many of the issues pointed out.

absolutely, but doesn’t that make it possible to have interactions like players pretending to be one of your team to sneak into your base, or surprise attack you?:wink: making custom clothing would be cool, but i like the fact that we can trick each other. other than the whole “im fwendly, don’t shoot” stabs you in the face with spear tricks, which really require no intellect/skill.

Well then they should get better or drop some numbers, you don’t need to play 10h/day to have an organized team, even casual players can have it.

How would you moderate members of your group if it were real life? How would you organize them? Discussions? Verbal commands? All possible in Rust. You even have instant telepathy in the form of Teamspeak and similar clients.

What is a “team”? If you see a bunch of people running towards you, why should you immediately know which ones belong to which group or command structure, or who’s “good” or “bad”, “helpful” or “trollish”? How many emergent qualities of the game would be destroyed if everyone had a meta-tag that let people identify and categorize them from afar within seconds of appearing in the world?

It’s to be expected that solo players or small groups would chastise and ostracize larger clans for rolling on servers en masse… it’s the only real defense against the innate primate tendency (logical and effective) to create groups and gangs. Solo players understand that almost every PVPer in Rust is concerned on some level about image… most either want to be liked, respected or feared. Unless you’re incompetent, running in a clan is a significant advantage in a game like this (even without the “team” features it will likely never have), so there should be a downside in public perception for taking the easier road. Each path has its rewards, and everything should have a cost.

I had a thread wherein I suggested that you could find a one of a kind blueprint for ID purposes. Yellow hats, red armbands, etc., that only one person could have, and they could craft at minimal cost for others in the clan.

This would make ID simpler, as well as not allowing counterfeit players.