I began talking about this in regards to a different thread about the end game of rust but thought a better organized explanation of the idea may be better. Just want to see what others would think about this.
How would people feel about a clan or tribe element to the game? The main features as I see them would be

-tribe built and owned outposts,towns, or cities
- these could be trading outposts or fortresses meant to secure a large portion of land for that tribe
- Hire NPC’s to help guard these bases for a daily/weekly/monthly fee
- Could provide a safe area for farming or mining that would be patrolled by players or NPC’s hired by the tribe

  • Protection, if someone kos another player in a tribe they could be hunted down
    • This could create an interesting game dynamic of “bounty hunters” tracking down killers for a reward
  • Wars and Alliances
    • If one tribe has land that has a lot of one resource another tribe could attempt to take over or destroy that city and claim it for themselves

These are the main features that are coming to mind, please add any feature you think of or point out the stupidity in mine.

There is already a clan/tribe element in the game. Its called co-operation

Meet people you trust and build a village with them. And there is no need for NPC to protect your stuff, hire players. All your ideas is possible right now but instead you can use players to do stuff for you. Hire a guy you trust to protect you while you mine for 50 wood or something. I really really doubt Garry will add friendly NPCs in the game because currently everything is player controlled like in Eve online.

I think it’s a great idea, and Fakkabakka is right in that clans/ groups are already in the game, but for these clans/ guilds to be really successful there needs to be some in-game mechanics/ options that encourage or at least cater for this sort of emergent game play.

I love rust and you are right that it is similar to eve in terms that it is player-driven (even more than Eve online, in my opinion.) But for groups/clans/tribes to be successful in this aspect, I would hope that the developers provide tools for groups/clans/tribes.

You may have heard of the Jesters- we are a gaming community that has brought 30+ players into rust and we work as a team (and have also recruited some other rustonians into our ranks. Currently, it is very difficult distinguishing friend from foe when playing in groups larger than 5- and trust me, we usually have 20+ in teamspeak in sessions.

There could be a few different ways the Rust developers could address this

  • creating some different forms of clothing, that can be dyed different colors to create a uniform.
  • a further rendering distance for name tags to pop up.
  • an in-game tribal/guild management window that allows for the management of a group of players
  • more weapons/ armor/ character customization to enable uniqueness
  • possibly a crosshair that turns blue (although I dont think this would fit into the world of rust)

Obviously the game is in alpha, and there is so much potential. This is just feedback i’m giving from leading a group of 20+ players.

I would love some form of in-game system where a player owned faction could claim land/ territory that only members of their faction can build there. The faction would have to claim this territory by building a stronghold of 9x9x3 and then purchasing a thrones/ council table with ingame currency/ resources- which can only be placed in a building of this size. This stronghold would then provide a 300x400 meter rectangle for the tribe to build within. this stronghold could be taken down by attacking the throne/ council table and erecting your own.

Obviously this is just an idea, and the game is very early alpha. When Rust progresses further, I would advise all players to come into this game with a friend. The simple truth is- if a game is player driven, the little guy/ smaller group always gets shit on. But when you are in a larger group within a player driven game i.e. Eve online/ Planetside 2- those big fights between two groups are not only rewarding for both sides- but are interesting and challenging. I love games that are player driven. I hope the rust developers don’t place too much emphasis on npc’s, in game missions or AI. That’s all been done before- in all types of games.

Do something different for Rust: Send the players into an unforgiving, dangerous world- where resources are scarce and the environment is lethal. Give the players reasons to be terrified of the night and afraid during the day.
Provide players with simple tools and resources and they will make Rust a million times more enjoyable than a team of 100 gaming developers. I am currently loving rust- especially that it is 100% player driven. There are no laws or rules. some groups of players are already creating these and other players are already adapting/ abusing them, and that is why I have such high hopes for this game.

I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over. Read the blog, you’ll find your ideas already present and discussed. The bits about changing any portion of displays or the HUD go against the foundations of the game. No HUD elements will ever display IFF recognition unless they decide to add IR strobes and target finders/infrared/thermal.

Thanks for you input guys. I do not have the ability to play the game so I did not know but am happy to hear many of my suggegtions are either already happening or have the potential to happen (minus the NPC’s of course)

I definitely like the idea of a stronghold type feature. I think part of the beauty of Rust is the lack of fixed goals i.e find this person, kill this thing, collect so many feathers, however some structure can be good such as, this tribe controls this land, and you can take it if you want. As much as I want Rust to be a free roaming game as humans we like shiny objects and tangables things (even in the virtual world) so even if its as simple as putting a flag on a fortress, having something that signifies, im part of this group and we own that structure, can be really helpful in driving game play.

Also Worldwaker I am sorry but I am new to the forums and have not read that blog so I was unaware. Thanks for letting me know and I will be going there much more often to see what they have to say.

the thing is interaction with npc’s kind of ruins the its your story aurora and kind of becomes a multiplayer campaign or something but if it was something to be barting over with another player it can immerese you in the game even more…