Clans with designated hackers

This is something I’ve started seeing more and more lately. Large clans will have one guy use hacks when they are raiding so that they can go straight to your loot rooms. Or they will give the explosives to the hacker and he will super jump onto your base and blast down to your loot rooms then super jump back out, then repeat. The other day my group’s base got raided by a large clan, and they only took down the doors that led to rooms with boxes, but skipped every door that led to rooms with nothing in them or just sleeping bags (stone walls so it wasn’t like they could see through the cracks). If the hacker happens to get banned, it’s not a big deal since the other dozen guys still have their accounts.

I know, facepunch can’t or won’t do anything about it, blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before. I just find this new wrinkle to be even more annoying than my previous encounters with hackers. Generally the asian hackers are annoying, but they don’t want to spend time gathering resources or collecting blueprints, so they are somewhat limited in the damage they can do. They have to kill someone with gear to get gear. Now, you have a bunch of guys playing the game normally, but then having one guy cheat so that when they raid they don’t waste any c4.

I honestly think I’ve encountered what you’re talking about, I was offline raided fairly about a week ago, but the way they raided me was very suspicious, my base was an absolute maze, anyone that had never been inside it would get completely lost and have no idea where they were, there was doors and walls and alsorts of traps to make raiding it as hard as possible.

Yet somehow they knew exactly where my first loot room was and managed to get to it by only blowing 2 walls, which the chances of that happening randomly were ridiculously low as it was a 6x6x4 and it was on the third floor, but to make it even more suspicious, they blew one wall from that loot room and then blew the floor above them which happened to be my second loot room.

Like if they were going to just blow a floor to jump up to the 4th floor, wouldn’t they have just gone straight up from a room they already had access to? not blow another wall just to go up to the next floor? As soon as I saw how they did it I instantly thought hackers, as there’s no way anyone would just get that lucky.

There is a something they can do with Windows that stretches the screen or something and you can see through walls

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1st method to see through walls: Use 3 monitor setup. With three monitors and no item actually selected, players can walk up and down the side of walls and see with extreme clarity what’s on the other side. It will render the walls but also past them, on the side monitor, you’ll be able to see everything on the other side.


2nd method to see through walls: Anyone can do this with a single monitor. Picture won’t be as clear as the first method. Run game in windowed mode and then resize your game (that is drag the window down from the top and make it smaller / more narrow). Like the first method have nothing selected from your hot bar and then stand next to a wall. You’ll be able to see what’s next to the door. To get into window mode and enable resize press ALT + Enter (For windows - sorry non-win).

They announced that they fixed that a while ago. And this was up through ceilings too.

Idk then maybe a new way

Been following the updates closely and there seems to be little announcements about trying to catch/prevent hackers?

Nice looking trees are good but hackers ruin the game, just look at the downfall of DayZ. You can’t have a harsh survival type game with a prevalent cheating group.

It is just the worst getting killed/raided by hackers.

The downfall of DayZ, had just as much to do with the developers, as with the cheaters. More so, as a matter of fact. Best not to simplify what was, in essence, a shoddy ass standalone game.

I am specifying the SA, because there has been no downfall of the mod. There might be cheaters, but between private/clan servers, and a still thriving community full of legitimate players, they are not all that much of an issue.

Semantics- the major point of my post is that I would like to see updates focus on protecting us from hackers.

They got EAC so they could focus on game development instead. They fixed 99% of the current glitchs that hackers would abuse.

They could try to block the gamma change and “see through walls” stuff tho. Not sure how that would work out tho.

Either way, both devs and EAC team are doing a tremendous nice work. Games like rust are usually full of hackers but in rust you see one here and there. The only issue right now is with steam allowing refunds so fast. People are hacking with new accounts and get refunds before the ban catch up then making a entire new account to buy rust and do it again. This is why mostly every blatant hacker you see out there got <2h game.

Even though there’s a L O T of people using ESP/radar etc. I got over 2000h in rust, been on various large groups and left every single one of them because there was a hacker among them that would do exactly what OP is saying. Now i’m playing mostly solo because i dont like teaming with hackers.

Your shit in game means literally nothing on a guaranteed wipe cycle. Worrying about hackers stealing temporary imaginary internet items on an in-development video game is literally the most retarded idea I’ve ever heard. They should stop to protect temporary garbage instead of develop the game?! wow…

I have no qualms about losing all my progress along with everyone else losing all of theirs in an admin controlled scheduled wipe.

Having people aim botting, fly hacking and peering through walls does nothing to make the game more fun and can actually waste a lot of hard work put into base defense.

All I am saying as a single player I would prefer to have all of these issues addressed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible before for instance they work on adding the 5th or 6th machine gun to the game. I understand that different staff work on different things- and the development has been very positive.

Being raided is inevitable part of rust- if someone does it without cheating then good on them. Cheaters ruin any game- removing them IS developing the game (even if it doesnt add any features)

Base building and defense (and conversely raiding) is probably the cornerstone of the game.

You’re demanding facepunch fix something that they’ve already delegated to an outside company. You want to be bitching about EAC, and if you actually followed the devblogs closely, you would know this already. There’s only so much anti hack measures they can take while the game is still in development. If they went all out to prevent hacks, then the actual development of the game would be severely hamstrung.

This is a common thing and there is nothing that can be done because the player does not get banned just his account the law does not say its illegal to hack games so what do we exspect

All it takes is one shitty admin using noclip in your base to recon the loot room and then simply show them the way.

Best not to look at matters so black and white, is all. Especially when you are not giving the full stories their due credit.

As for Rust, specifically, my advice is to be patient. Hackers are nowhere near as prevalent as they were in Legacy, or in early Experimental, which means that progress has already been made, to a moderate degree.

Time will tell if Garry and his partnership with EAC can win against, or break even with the script guppy community. In the meantime, there are always servers around with an active and fair moderation team, in place to make their servers a fun and cheat-free environment.

And I call out anyone that says otherwise. I have been jumping between 8 different servers these past 2 months since I returned to Rust, and cheaters are a rarity. Be smart with your server choices.