Clara [my new nude models]

Ok here she is, Clara, born from head hack from female_06 head reskin, and hair and body from a models of alyx from fakefactory + tatoos
[clic to enlarge]

Use it and abuse it ^^


Yeah! Time for sex poses! :smiley:

nude alyx body from fakefactory, or no?


Time for a Gmod Porno with Francis and Bill :stuck_out_tongue:

Megaupload is saying it’s temporarily unavailable. Could you maybe upload it to Filesmelt or some other site as an alternate link? I love the look of this model. Does it have face posing too? It looks it.

Yes she is faceposable (she is posable in every sense huhu ^^ ) except the eyelids, i dont know why.

For megaupload, just refresh the page again and again, the file is available.

Why yes indeed.
And awesome work

Better looking then the Alyx fake factory model in my opinion. Nice to see a new face.

Looks neat. Thanks:smile:

no offense, but the fakefactory models look weird as hell and doesn’t look human.

Ah, that worked. Thanks. Also, about the eyelids, I remember hearing somewhere that moving the head in a headhack will disrupt eyelids and eyes. I’ve never tried this, but in theory you could remove the body and hack a new one in without moving the head, thus keeping the facial flexes intact.

Is it much work to smooth this out?

Incoming crazy and freak sexy poses at the sex poses section

But on my screen there is yet no retouching in the level of the neck, so you do not see it in all angles.

But i’m not perfect yet, I know, sorry!

She kind of looks like a dirty pirate hooker…

Don’t get me wrong, i lobe the model.

Nice work.

No worries Ash. When people bother to make models, I am grateful. Was just asking:smile:
I really like the face of Clara. The Fakefactory bodies we know well.

I dont like the head swap ideas but decent work. Im surprise theres not as many views as some other topics you wouldnt expect… couugh, cough “military stuff” cough cough “yay kids, now you can play war!!”


Yeah and 18 reply but 175 downloads at this time :raise: