Clarification on wipes!

Hello everyone!

First off I’d like to say, I’m loving this new Experimental branch, great job to all of you devs!

Please, don’t get mad as I have tried to search my question. However, I keep getting mixed answers., first I was told the “Forced wipes” were on the first Thursday of every month, then I was told they were on the second Thursday of every month. I’m just curious what all this “Forced wipe” stuff is about so I can have a understanding on what to expect hosting a Rust server. My rust server is less than 3 weeks old so I have yet to experience once of these wipes, are they optional or actually forced?

My best guess is that, I don’t need to wipe unless there is a Procgen change, or if I’m using the new “Hapis Island” map, is this correct? Some validation on the matter would be greatly appreciated! I hope my question made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

In advanced, thanks

That’s it exactly. They’re forced in the sense that once you update to them, the server is wiped. I don’t run a server so I can’t say much else for sure.
The proc maps are wiped on the first Thursday update of the month, or sometimes the last of the month instead. However, there is a physics limit on servers which means high population servers tend to need an optional wipe after 2 to 3 weeks.
Expect the Hapis map to be wiped at least weekly for the foreseeable future.

Thank you! yeah we’re low population still, so we haven’t came near the physics limit yet. That’s good to know, so if my World wasn’t wiped chances are it wasn’t needed? Thanks a lot for the info!

Actually, what is the Physics limit? and how do I tell what I’m at?