Clarity on rules

On the auction page, it states the following:

“If you’re caught cheating your account will more than likely be banned - and you won’t be offered a refund. So whatever you do - don’t try to cheat.”

I’m a bit confused from this statement. I’ve always known as a beta tester to TRY to cheat and find exploits to report them. If this statement is the case with this game, then what exactly is my role as a tester?

I’m still excited to play the game and be part of the team, I just need to know what exactly my role is to help out.

you can report bugs and other things without endless exploiting them(like duping)… I really hope Garry ends up banning all the people doing it constantly.

What is meant by this is do not hack the game. The testers purpose is to go even further than the average player, to purposely be looking for bugs.

If you say for example, put on a hack that gives you unlimited ammo, that isn’t looking for bugs it is just ruining the game for others.

the role as a tester is not to “cheat” but find a bug that can cause problems and report them as well as having a enjoyable time doing it. cheating will get you banned now if you find a bug that can further cause cheating like duping then report it then leave it to them, not to just use it at your free will. hope that cleared that up

And developing 3rd party programs that can cheat? If we develop any and turn them in for evaluation and ability to prevent such methods in the future?

I know that Red5 does this with their games.

if it causes no harm and just for the development to cause future problems to be solved then yes.
But that’s just my opinion your best bet is to get in contact with a staff member for that question.

Then I will get a feel for the game and simply tell of normal bugs I come across until an official statement is made. Would love to help, but not if it means getting an account I paid for banned for helping.

your account isn’t going to be banned if you found a bug and report it. only if you exploit it like some majority of rust then you’ll find yourself getting banned. If your looking to report a bug look on the thread page there is one designated just for bugs.

The way I see it is that people should only be banned if they are 1. using a game breaking glitch (crashing server, etc.) or 2. using 3rd party tools to cheat. (cheatengine) Anything else is bug-testing.