Clash - A medieval gamemode.


Logo made by Koz.

What is Clash?

Clash is a medieval styled gamemode with many planned elements ranging from Crafting to Nation Building. Clash doesn’t have any single distinct goal other than to survive and prosper. Clash has numerous skills such as Alchemy, Sorcery, Hunting, and Farming. All of these skills have sub-categories such as Animal Husbandry and Leather Working that aren’t necessarily listed but have an effect in the quality of every item produced.


Map Generation 
Animal Dens 

-- Needs(Thirst, Hunger)
-- Magic
-- Farming
-- Fishing
-- Animal Husbandry
-- Town(Nation?) System / Centers
-- Deathloss
-- Dungeons
-- Armor
-- Day / Night

Media - All of which is bound to change.

A picture of the spawn area.

The inventory.

A tree half-way through ‘falling’.

Some more buildings and such.

Want to help?
We need Modeler(s), and Artist(s).

Random notes / scribbles about the gamemode.

Every concept / system is going to change through development, however, I will appreciate any suggestions / criticism.

The forest is randomly generated each time the server loads and has about 6000 entities ranging from hollow stumps to huge trees.

Need to design custom systems for: Sorcery, Alchemy, etc. Would like to code mini-games / more ‘unique’ styled interaction. E.g. Actual Alchemy interaction, boil, vaporize, etc the material for different output or something?

Players may find ‘Artifacts / Special’ items in the Clash gamemode through foraging, combat, and pretty much everything else. Players may then ‘study’ these items by right-clicking upon them in the inventory, doing this will give a certain amount of experience in a specific category.

Some of the registered items so far.

Clash.Model["Wood"] = "models/props_debris/wood_board06a.mdl"
Clash.Model["Stone"] = "models/props_junk/rock001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["AnimalHide"] = "models/Gibs/HGIBS_scapula.mdl"
Clash.Model["AnimalFat"] = "models/Gibs/HGIBS_scapula.mdl"
Clash.Model["SmallMeat"] = "models/gibs/antlion_gib_small_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["MediumMeat"] = "models/gibs/antlion_gib_small_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["LargeMeat"] = "models/gibs/antlion_gib_small_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["AnimalSkull"] = "models/Gibs/Antlion_gib_Large_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["ShinyCobweb"] = "models/props_halloween/cobweb_01.mdl"
Clash.Model["QueenTermite"] = "models/Gibs/Antlion_gib_Large_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["OldArrowhead"] = "models/props_junk/harpoon002a.mdl"
Clash.Model["PetrifiedLog"] = "models/props_docks/dock01_pole01a_128.mdl"
Clash.Model["WormBark"] = "models/Gibs/wood_gib01b.mdl"
Clash.Model["LargeBone"] = "models/Gibs/HGIBS_spine.mdl"
Clash.Model["RabbitEar"] = "models/props_junk/garbage_bag001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["OddSkull"] = "models/Gibs/Antlion_gib_Large_2.mdl"
Clash.Model["BlackCrystal"] = "models/props_junk/rock001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["OddRock"] = "models/props_junk/rock001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["MountainsHeart"] = "models/props_junk/rock001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["TannedLeather"] = "models/Gibs/HGIBS_scapula.mdl"
Clash.Model["GlassPane"] = "models/props/cs_militia/skylight_glass.mdl"
Clash.Model["Sand"] = "models/props_junk/rock001a.mdl"
Clash.Model["HealingPotion"] = "models/props_junk/garbage_glassbottle003a.mdl"

Is this stranded


I’m not quite sure what you are referring to specifically but nothing other then the wire-frame texture and resource crate model resembles Stranded. The resource crate model is due to my inability to model, and the wire-frame is a material included with Garry’s Mod.

Can I be artist, though I’m not good at drawing I’m good at
image editing and pixelart… Not source Art though if that requires a special thing.

Anyways the gamemode looks nice except gray and brown don’t really look nice together and the hud isn’t “medievaly”.

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A pretty logo I made don’t be harsh judging it its one of the first logos I made :3

I like it but I was looking for something a little more subtle.

Also, started work on farming. Players must till the earth to make rows which can store 5 plants in a single entity like such. Plan to make them add custom fruits and such to the stalks as they grow, maybe some moving clouds or something as well.

It looks really nice!
Keep up the great work, I hope to play this in the future.


That would look so much better as an actual farming plot. Unless that menu is just hiding the potential fact that there ARE growing entities visible on the ground as well?

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serverside ent:SetModelScale(int scale, int time)

zero for instant changes, but it would be smarter to use a time like 1 whenever the plant’s growth number reaches one of five tiers, setting the scale percentage accordingly

you could even apply a green color offset to further visually show the young nature of the unfinished fruit

I haven’t tried experimenting with client-side rendering to much, but in theory I could send the ‘row’ table to the clients and draw world models in local vectors based on the tables values. The menu just uses a table to generate textured / normal rects.


I’m getting there.

do you have any sort of testing server? i have a spare if you need one, i can provide FTP but not console access (sadly it is hosted off the same control panel as my communities servers and i really cant afford to give that info out) if you do have one however, is it possible i can join and check it out?

Any decent host allows you to create sub-clients and give them specific access, Besides I’m guessing you just want the files for yourself.

On topic this looks nice, I prefer the look of this inventory compared to the one in society

Elpishost recently purchased WHMCS from fluctishosting, and i used to host my minecraft servers with them, i know the subusers are broken and do not work as expected, allowing said sub user to gain access to the other servers on the same panel, but i believe its being worked on.
I also have no interest in hosting any form of RP/RPG server, my community is built around minecraft survival and TTT, i was just interested in giving this gamemode a go, hence

omg, good idea for player use models house in structure !
p.s. is Is this modified stranded

You should try reading.

If I was to do some models, any ideas of what you are looking for? I’m not some fancy modeler but I have some spare time that I could spend on making some.

It’s not, it’s coded from scratch. There are about 12 actual ‘structures’ players are able to craft while also being able to place a bunch of different entities such as a ‘Tanning Tub’ or ‘Kiln’.

This will sound odd, but are you able to model some sort of ‘den’? A pile of rocks and sticks with a black-hole or something to represent the dens that spawn animals, or maybe some form of ‘dungeon’ entrance like a mausoleum entrance, or even ‘wall’ sections of wood / stone.

I’ve used Elpishost in the past for my other gamemode ‘Society’, I’ll have a test server up once a good amount of content is play-able / done.


This is a very nice looking gamemode for a starting point. I decided to work on a bloody medieval rpg 2 days ago and then this comes up. You got some competition! Nah, just kidding, it’s looking very nice mate. Can’t wait to try it on a live server.

That took way longer then it should have, it’s a start though.

Awesome, keep us posted, it seems like something that would be enjoyable to decrease the monotony of playing on my ttt server all the time :smiley:

This looks quite so awesome. Good work.

Did some more stuff with Alchemy, players may craft three types of alchemical tools. Each tool has a different use.