"Clash of the Titans" Two Powerful Monsters Battling

Who will win?


Woo 1,100 posts

I was expecting an epic or fail scene of two monsters sword fighting. Nice posing, chess models are low quality, not sure if that can be helped or not. Have a paint. Nicejob.

This was not expected. :buddy: A good laugh, but you might want to get some better chess models. Those are just a tad… poor quality.


You deserve an arty!

Chess moedels are poorly modele’d but nice pic, i was expecting alot of gods and stuff fighting :smiley:

Pyramid Head its obviously winning! He almost got Nemesis on checkmate :smug:
Nice pose, really epic.

The chess models were made like that, they were used only once in HL2, and they weren’t as close up.

Good pic, nice posing. I laughed, have a funny.

Lol @ the chess model.

It’s the low-res chess of doom, take cover!
It’s a pretty random idea, though.


Is simple and funny but I don’t like Nemesis’s pose.

I laughed so much.

Check out what i found


Lol. I say Pyramid head.

That’s fucking awesome. Here’s something similar:

I lol’d. Have a funny. :smiley:

Hello, new wallpaper. Nice work.