Clash of the Titans

**- this was originally going to be a test for making saliva, but i failed

  • another scenebuild
  • blue circle thingy is from a lens flare that i used as a sun

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**Remember that kid that no one wanted to play with but he kept coming back asking to play?
Everyone had one of those

Im placing bets on the giant T-Rex

Well done thar Fort cept for that weird blue piece on the right dino.

added a bonus picture

I remember that kid… he was me… oh… :smith:

Another great scenebuild Fort, though I must admit that the lens flare seems out of place, but what do I know about editing v:v:v

second made me lol

I like the second one. :v:

I thought it was about…well Clash of the Titans

It’s good except the TRex in the first pic is derping

lol, Last one is really funny.

OMFG dinosaurs.
'Nuff said.

Second one made my day.

First one is great too, I suspect the Rex will win because he’s tired of having his ass kicked by the Spinosaurus from JP3.