Class-based zombie survival

What I basically think this gamemode would have is pre-made buildings (like zombie survival has) and smarter zombie NPCs (nobody would play as zombies) that try ot break through and kill all the players. However, the players will play as different classes that each have a role, like in the gamemode described below. There should probably be “waves” of zombies, or a timer that the players have to survive until to win. Of course, the game is over when all the players die, obviously. But I think a few modifications could be in order to change it to a team-based survival gamemode.

Okay, so there’s the Onslaught gamemode which disappeared off the face of the gamemodes subforum. There were these classes before, and what they did:
Pyro: had flamethrower, enough said.
Engineer: made turrets, health dispensers, ammo dispensers, also had shotgun and gravity gun
Support: had a gravity gun, had gun that could drain health from enemies and give health to teammates
Solder: had more health than most, had larger variety of weapons of which I can’t recall know :v:
Scout: had super shotgun which could count as a second jump with secondary fire.
Sniper: Had crossbow, magnum

That’s the classes that were in Onslaught. Here’s what I think the gamemode should have:
Sniper: crossbow, magnum
Pyro: flamethrower, flaregun, molotov
Soldier: up for debate, unsure of what all they should have
Engineer: Dispensers (ammo and health, possibly armor?)shotgun/smg, make turrets, (possibly make friendly manhacks to support?), (something to repair props/buildings with?)
Demolisher (new class): rollermines, S.L.A.M., grenade launcher, lay mines
Support: gravity gun, gun which saps NPC health and can give teammates health (any other ideas?)

So, what does everyone think? Yes, I’m aware it’s a lot like TF2, but TF2 doesn’t have players against zombie NPCs, does it? :v:

TF2 zombie survival lol.

sounds like it

i want this

Well yeah, pretty much TF2 meets zombie survival, but no scout, spy or heavy. although a “heavy” class would be admittedly fun. What’s NOT fun about shooting zombies with a minigun? Although that’d kinda defeat the purpose if you just stood somewhere.

Engineer should have barricades.
Soldier: AR2, Shotgun and grenades.
Every class should have a meelee weapon, for Engineer it’s his tools, for others - something like a knife.

We could give each class a different melee weapon., but I’m also wondering if we could give everyone the gravity gun, but that would be rather pointless for some classes (for example, the pyro)

The Pyro’s flamethrower should the the immolator from the HL2 beta weapons pack. That way the secondary allows the player to mark spots and then light them up to make a fire barrier.

I’d say whatever weapons aren’t in default are in the Hl2 beta weapons pack. The only ones that aren’t I think are the “Wrench”(scripted crowbar meant to heal props and such) and the health tool for the support class (the one that can take enemy health and give teammates health as well).

NPCs should have squad behavior (like the combine in Onslaught) and should be programmed to attack breakable props.

In terms of mapping, I think some standard zombie survival maps should do fine. If that proves unhelpful, we could ask a mapper to make something basic.

Snipers should be able to plant traps.
Maps should have physics-based traps aswell.

i think they already made this q___p

Link? Because zombie onslaught isn’t nearly as diverse as this, and there’s no method of moving props except shooting them.

I disagree on the physics-based props, as the “deathmaps” in zombie survival are no fun at all. Unless you’re thinking of something else, that is.

However, I figured the sniper should rely on teammates to plant traps for him or something. But I have no idea what the sniper could have the other classes don’t, in terms of setting up traps.

  1. soldier should an assault rifle instead of a shotgun (too many classes have shotguns).
  2. instead of having a heavy class, have the engineer be able to build a mountable-turret (bad accuracy, high RoF, requires constant ammo feed, possibly from the user’s ammo?).
  3. I think that traps that come with maps should be like the propeller trap, but only 1 per map, and has to be repaired by an engineer.
  4. The sniper’s crossbow and magnum should be tweaked to be either stronger or fire faster. I’ve played Onslaught a while back and remember that being a sniper got you killed easily since all the weapons were underpowered compared to the other classes.

it was redead i tryed it out it was a good and proper survival gamemode with classes. i got to say the engineer in redead were a little overpowered. but in order to play it your gonna need there models, also the gamemode uses npcs instead of players.

I believe this looks like what you’re looking for, now, I don’t want to spam my gamemodes around but just have a look at this and tell me if it suits with your needs:
WarSurvival Revenge

lonewolf2: Doesn’t sound bad, but I’ll have to try it another time when I’m not out and about/doing stuff with the family. It’s similar, yes, but not entirely there yet. Think almost like TF2 but without requiring any TF2 stuff. And players aren’t allowed to be zombies, as much as I enjoy being the zombies and almost always winning in zombie survival.

huntingrifle: As for the engineers, I already said the engineer can put up turrets. As for the soldier’s “assault rifle”, I hope you mean the ar2.

I think we could give the sniper the rollermine in small amounts, perhaps? Or maybe the SLAM, but tripmine only?