Class colors, models, and making myself admin?

Okay, so I’m new to the whole… Garry’s Mod server theme…

I created a server with DarkRP gamemode, and I got it up and running… I just have a few questions.


[SOLVED THIS]1. How would I go about making myself an Admin/Operator? and superadmin?[SOLVED THIS]

2. When creating classes... the models such as; models/player/gman_high.mdl

A model in HL2 called Gman... now, how would I be able to preview this model? I tried opening the file in photo viewer, but nothing.

3. When creating classes... what does the color stand for? The classes name color? Like for example when they type in chat? It decides that color? Or no?

Thanks in advance, - Wayne.

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I have solved number one… But would I be able to change the permissions/view the permissions of admin/superadmin? Are they the same thing…? Can I add a mod rank?