class system

would be cool if there would be rpg like classes, based on normal life professions

i was thinking about something like 3-6 classes with own passive bonuses and limitations

huntter - good at hunting and trekking. bad builder, average fighter
soldier - good fighter, average at survival, bad builder
farmer - good at gathering materials, average builder, average at hunt and survival, shit fighter
engineer - good builder/crafter. bad at survival. bad at fighting.
(forester fisher cook metalworkker woodworkker tailor athletic thief)

maybe some special tricks to every class. like huntter could build moveable tent and sleepingbag.
and why not some clas items too ? like better gun to soldier and better axe to farmer…
anyway. class system would give alot more intrest to playing because you would then have many different ways how to play your character.

i hope someone intrests about my idea and writes better suggestion with real english lol

Such a class system directly conflicts with garry’s vision for Rust, unfortunately. Being better at some things and worse at others goes against player freedom to do anything you want.

It’s not a bad idea, but it doesn’t fit Rust and its plans for promoting emergent gameplay.

Yes I agree no class system, just passive buffs for things you do regularly over time would be nice, define your own ‘class’ somewhat.