Classic alien crafts vaporizing classic targets with classic death rays

Descriptive titles rule! Flying saucers shooting puny little humans with green death rays.

Meh, I suck at disintegration effects. Thanks to VMan for inspiration.

Ain’t so bad. Makes me think of the movie “Mars attacks”

me too

The alien ship models look familiar.

I can’t quite place it tho…

War of the Servers.

Mega Epic picture.
Keep it up!


What, why?

Wow that’s pretty cool.

Oh man that fuckin sweet. You didn’t do badly on the disintigration at all! And I love the lights coming out of the front guy’s eyes; really adds to the effect.

(In other news, where did you get those death rays? Are they models or did you build them?)

Mars Attacks again!

Oh… I’m speechless. Thanks.

I built them.

That’s exactly how I titled the pic when I posted it to GMod Finland.

Chewcheeeew! Chaladoooow!

Because you have perfectly fine looking disintegration effects right there.

War Of The Gmod’s

I sir, applaud you

Actually this is more like Mars Attacks!, not WotW, but I know what you mean.

Also, where the hell is Chesty? He hasn’t posted for about three days!

“Classic alien crafts vaporizing classic targets with classic death rays”
is an instant classic.

Descriptive titles are instant classics.

I could also have put “50’s-style UFOs stolen from WotS firing green beams that turn humans into skeletons in a city” but… :ninja:

you so reminded me of Mars Attack!