Classic Arcade Cabinets you've seen in PC Games

Out of sheer love for the Mortal Kombat franchise (mostly nostalgic), I decided to make this from scratch. I used it’s real cabinet dimensions to build the mesh, and dozens of photos to make and map the textures. I made it primarily for Mortal Kombat nostalgistas, but figured it could be used more practically to decorate bar/gas station/etc maps.

Long story short: I think the extreme lack of arcade machines in Garry’s Mod is pitiful, would like to remedy the situation, but am not willing to make them from scratch. I am however willing to rip/port as many as I can find from various PC games. The problem is: No titles come mind, and Google isn’t much help. (search: arcade machines in PC games) Ergo, they either don’t exist, or I just haven’t played enough games (which is entirely possible since I think all games suck if they aren’t Gmod)

Here’s what I’ve found, but I’d prefer a few more real titles.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Starcraft: 2

Has anyone seen any other classic arcade (or pinball) machines in any (3D) PC games? I don’t know how else to find this out without fishing for gamers who actually recall seeing them.

Saints Row 2

  • I was just randomly running around, killing people…and…I found these.

There’s a few in VTMB

XD thanks

Can you guys tell me where I can find these machines? (stage/zone/building etc)

There’s Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in Doom 3 near the start of the game.

lol i just youtubed that. good stuff. ty

Champions Online.

They have parodies of L4D and TF2? That’s stupid.