Classic Car Rally - Quality Racing

The 'Classic Car Rally’
As tradition dictates, the time has come to hold the annual rally event!
This year the theme is classic cars.

» Information

Date: 6th of January 2017
Time: 1PM GMT+1
Hosts: ALMS & Phulax

» Server Information

Server Name: Cre8ive 2.0
Server IP Address
Slots: 14
Map: gm_emp_chain
Prop Limit: 400
Location: Europe

Server Name: GGG - Pyramiden
Server IP Address:
Slots: 16
Map: gm_emp_chain
Prop Limit: 400
Location: North-America

» Recording

We have acknowledged that some of you would like to record this event. Thus we’ll reserve two slots on each server for dedicated recorders*.
Participants are allowed to record if they so desire to.

*recorders who aren’t participants.

» Rules

The rules have been firmed up, since past experience tell us that an even playing field is hard to achieve without.

1) All cars have to be themed in the pre anno 1985 era. All cars will be judged by the organizers in regards to whether or not they fit in. Fictional car designs are allowed but cars based of real vehicles are preferred, since dating them is easier.

2) There will be two main categories; ACF and E2 powered. Which in turn have separate subcategories.

3) Since the race is a rally and is themed 1985 and prior, all vehicles must have manual gearboxes.

4) All cars will be inspected thoroughly by an organizer. This includes inspection of e2’s. The organizers are of a certain caliber, where “secret sauce”- mentality does not apply. To clarify; we’re not interested in “stealing” code or contraptions, since we’re fully capable of creating whatever we want ourselves. Subsequently, post run inspections might occur, if something fishy or otherwise is going on.

5) All force must be delivered through the wheels. No external force / torque may be applied to the vehicle chassis. This includes: applyForce, applyAngForce, applyTorque and fin. Furthermore, exploiting ballsocket locks in relation to setAng steering is not allowed and will be tested for. Wire clutch, applyTorque and applyAngForce brakes are allowed.

6) Inertia on the wheels’ rotational axis has to be at the default values or more, meanwhile tweaking lateral axes is allowed. This will be tested on every vehicle.

7) Prop drag must remain at the default values. This includes all ACF entities.

8) During the races, the drivers must drive through the courses laid out on the maps. Timing posts/gates will be set up, which the drivers have to clear in order. Taking shortcuts is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

9) Workshop holo bodies are now allowed. E.g. TDMCars, LWCars.

10) If you do not live up to or do not accept rules 1-9 (cough rule 4 cough), you cannot compete.

In addition, the vehicle requires rally-specifications. This includes:
Fender flares (optional)
Racing number of your own choice
Mudflaps (optional)

» Groups ACF

There are two propulsion options to choose from, ACF or E2.
Each option has got four groups. This paragraph is about ACF.

Maximum weight across all ACF groups: 2500 KG
Maximum power to weight ratio: 125 HP/tonne

Group 1A
Wheel size up to 25.5

Group 1B
Wheel size up to 25.5

Group 2A
Wheel size up to 30.5

Group 2B
Wheel size up to 30.5

» Groups E2

There are two propulsion options to choose from, ACF or E2.
Each option has got four groups. This paragraph is about E2.

Maximum weight across all E2 groups: 2500 KG
Maximum power to weight ratio: 125 HP/Tonne

Group 3A
Wheel size up to 25.5

Group 3B
Wheel size up to 25.5

Group 4A
Wheel size up to 30.5

Group 4B
Wheel size up to 30.5

» Enter Form

You should fill out this form when entering.
Note: We need a picture of your car, to see if it qualifies.

Steam Name: Insert Steam Name
Steam Page: Insert Steam Page URL
Vehicle Name: Insert Vehicle Name (This includes the model-year)
Engine Specifications: Insert Engine Specifications (This includes horsepower, torque, size and type)
Weight: Insert Vehicle’s Weight
Wheel size: Insert Wheel Size
Propulsion: Insert Propulsion Option (ACF/E2 & AWD/2WD)


» Participants

Group 1A (ACF)
Slithers - 1971 Slithers 180GT Raliart
The Defender - 1967-1974 DAF 33 Combi
[NRR] A VEGETAL - 1983 Volkswagen Golf MK2
Metacore - 1970 Doki Mk.3
Capt. Rick - 1970 Adept Motors Apparition Rally
Lukesky36 - 1976 MG Midget
Vleermuisridder - 1968 Volvo 164
Aindor - 1980 Toyota Corolla KE70
DaDamRival - 1983 Volkswagen Gold MK2
Whyteboxer - 1969 Nissan Skyline KGC10 2000 GT-R

Group 1B (ACF)
ThozGaming SWE - 1975 Volvo 245
Adonis - 1984 Rabbit GTI Rally
Swishy86 - 1979 ZAZ-968M
DatAmazingCheese - 1963 Austin Mini Cooper S
Bob[HD] - 1980 Fiat Panda
SupamotoMatt - 1984 Volvo 740
Da Rustyrail - 1978 RMW Micro
NEMOY - Volkswagen Golf GIT
Captain Cooper - 1980 Ford TE Cortina
Phulax - 1955 Volvo P444
Vleermuisridder - 1965 Baas 69
Karbine - 1968 Akare Super 4

Group 2A (ACF)
SilverSly - 1931 Ford Model A
SilverSly - 1944 Willy’s Jeep Cj5
Karbine - 1985 Suzuki Samurai
Ged - The Imaginator

Group 2B (ACF)
QuasarBarkas - 1968 Barkanov Junior 600
Serif ||FLUX|| - 1985 Grumman LLV-P
TheMrFailz - 1983 Mercedes-Benz 240D (w123 Diesel)
Supertoaster73 - 1959 Wartburg 311
Nignoggins - Scrapyard Muscle Car
[TA]GeneralWinters - 1985 Formula Ford
Jackpody - 1975 Saab 96
Lenin Cat - Volkswagen Type 82 Kübelwagen
[ISIS DESTROYER] Linda - 1930s Staff Car

Group 3A (E2)

**Group 3B (E2) **

Group 4A (E2)

Group 4B (E2)
Charred Steak - 1932 Alfa Romeo 8c

We’d like to thank Haaax and Kryptek for their time and dedication, as they made the Expression 2s.

Steam Name: QuasarBarkas
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1968 Barkanov Junior 600
Engine Specifications: 1.2 Straight 3 which has: 95nm of torque.

Total mass is 719.1 kg (700.2 kg physical, 18.9 kg parented, 97.4% physical)
100.1 hp/ton @ 72 hp
125.1 hp/ton @ 90 hp with fuel

Wheel size: 30
Propulsion: ACF
Drivetrain (since phulax forgot lel): 2WD

I’m still working on the rallyfycation on this, as I only saw the thread 10 mins ago.
I’ll update the images when I’ve done doing the stuff.[/t]

I’ve done a plate thing for the rally btw. Problem is, its about the size of one of my door panels on my car. I need to try and scale it down but its been done with e2 holo converter.


Hello, i’d like to reserve a slot since im at vacation.

Steam Name: Supertoaster73
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: none
Engine Specifications: none
Weight: none
Wheel size: none
Propulsion: you get the idea.

I hope to enter my 1969 dacia 1300 :smiley: Happy new year!

Newest way of stealing E2’s?

In my opinion, you should merge the 25-30 size classes, as the wheel 30 diameter’s ability to combat terrain is entirely map dependent.

Steam Name: Whyteboxer
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1969 Nissan Skyline KGC10 2000 GT-R[/t][t][/t][t][/t] [t]

Engine Specifications: ACF 2.2L Inline 6 [petrol], 119hp, 130nm torque
Weight: 973kg
Wheel size: 27.5
Propulsion: ACF 5 speed Manual, All Wheel Drive

Steam Name: Thozgaming SWE
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: Volvo 245 1975
Engine Specifications: 82Hp 90Nm 1.5L Petrol I4
Weight: 671Kg
Wheel size: 25
Propulsion: ACF & 2WD

245 With Roll cage and lights and removed rear bumper.

And Done!

If you don’t trust us, it’s your problem. As I told Ptuga on the WIP thread; you always have the option to dumb down what ever it is you’re afraid of getting “stolen”. Beyond that you are aware of server admin’s option to download your code as they please, through the remote update right? I mean if you’re THAT scared of losing your secret sauce then you’re limiting yourself to playing on your own server - and that’s it.

Edit: The rules are there to ensure a level playing field. So if it means that you have to dumb down your code, then it’s going to help players with lesser coding abilities.

It’s been this way for most of the rallies ever held and no one has complained since.

also, what kind of rally is this? Is this like “drive over bumpy ass rocks and the like” rally or a “drive stupid fast through dirt roads and city streets” rally?

We’re looking into the possibility of getting a map made, so it’s a bit uncertain at this point. Most likely it’s going to be a tarmac racetrack with a mix of tight and fast turns.

making a rally. does not have a map. BOI

ALMS and I have talked about the map and our conclusion is to go with the backup, as it is too short-of-a-day for someone to make a map. Thus we’re going for good ol’ GM_Redrock.

In addition, we’ve added a section about rally-specification, this can be found under the title ‘Rules’.

gm_redrock again? I’m sorry if I’m offensive but fucking hell we’ve hardly done anything but that map. I understand that there’s a lack of good maps for rallying out there but seriously, gm_fucking_redrock. I doubt many of the cars will even make it up that hill, if we intend to even keep that route from last time (please don’t, I nearly died up there).

Anyways, there seems to be a lack of countryside rallying that doesn’t include stupidly bumpy maps (*ahem gm_forestrally) or shit that’s got about 3 inch thick dust on it (gm_rally).

I hope in the future (either myself will make it or someone else) to have a map possibly based on the Pneumant Rallye courses? Like countryside villages rural road thingys?
Some Examples:[/t]

Sound like a good idea? I’m shit with hills and other natural objects atm in hammer, I’ll see what I can do.

Also, gonna put this image in, it always makes me laugh for some reason:


We’re currently discussing about the map as you, Quasar, did make a good point.
We’re working as fast as we can to resolve this. Stay tuned.

when the fin kicks in[/t][t][/t]

Note! Most of the components seen are actually functional! If damaged the car will lose some performance until finally refusing to start.

Steam Name: TheMrFailz
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1983 Mercedes-Benz 240D (w123 Diesel)
Engine Specifications: 1.6L Inline 4 Diesel 79HP (Fueled) w/ 137 ft lb Torque (Fueled)
Weight: ~1274 kg
Wheel size: 25
Propulsion: ACF 2WD (Rear)

Steam Name: Serif ||FLUX||
Steam Page:
Vehicle Name: 1970 Winnebago D27
Engine Specifications: 9.0L V8 Petrol, 323hp, 460nm of torque.

Total mass is 6405 kg

Wheel size: 30
Propulsion: ACF
Drivetrain: 2WD-Rear[/T]

Ready to spectate!

edit: So yes this is actually a joke entry that just happened to get finished before my actual Rally entry. Due to the Weight of the vehicle this would have been denied anyways. But hey, maybe when we have an anything goes rally we might have classes that could cover vehicles like this.


i’m finding a map