Classic DOOM SWEPs

A project I started sometime back in November of 2008. I hadn’t seen any real DOOM SWEPs, so I thought I’d get to work on them.

Included Weapons:
-Super Shotgun
-Rocket Launcher
-Plasma Gun
-The BFG9000

Included Spawnable Entities:
-Box of Bullets
-Shotgun Shells
-Box of Shells
-Box of Rockets
-Energy Cell
-Cell Pack
-Berserk Pack
-Health Bonus
-Armor Bonus
-Radiation Shielding Suit
-Light Amplification Visor

I’ve taken the time to make these weapons work as closely as possible to the original weapons from DOOM and DOOM II.

NOTE: This addon is incompatible with the current version of SpiderMod due to an overwrite of a gmod function (DamageInfo()) with a table within SpiderMod.


And of course, id Software is credited with all of the original DOOM and DOOM II sounds and textures (as well as two of the finest shooters to ever grace the history of computer games).

01/13/2010 - 1.3 (newest version)
-fixed weapon viewsprites being misaligned after a recent gmod patch
-fixed entities flying off in an arbitrary direction when killed
-fixed a weapon creating multiple effects per tick at higher pings
-fixed some sprites animating incorrectly
-fixed some textures not using the proper VTF flags
-fixed view bob appearing while in vehicles
-fixed this addon causing camera issues with the shuttle addon
-(hopefully) fixed the Chaingun not animating properly on some computers
-(hopefully) fixed the Plasma Gun firing incorrectly on some computers
-(hopefully) fixed textures spilling over the top and causing a horizontal line through the middle of the screen with a doom weapon equipped on some computers
-changed the way clientside prediction is done in singleplayer
-updated the Plasma Gun to use trace hulls instead of tracelines
-updated the weapons to use damage types
-updated the rendering code on the rocket to draw it correctly when viewed from any angle
-updated the rocket launcher to use the correct cooldown
-recoded and added entities from the doom pickups addon
-added Cyberdemon SNPC
-added explosive barrel SENT
-added teleporter scripted effect
-added option to disable additive plasma (cl_doom_plasma_additive)
-added radiation shielding suit item
-added world sprite, spawn icon, and kill icon for the pistol
-added spawn icon and kill icon for the fists
-added code to reassign the owner of a rocket to a player that catches it with the gravity gun
-added lag compensation to the pistol, chaingun, shotgun, and super shotgun
-added HUD notification system that the items and weapons now use (can also be called by other scripts on the client as doom.AddHUDText(textstring))
-added fix for the light amplification visor (if you have gm_cvar2 installed on your client the addon will allow the LAV to use fullbright instead of dynamic light)
-added server convar sv_doom_spawneffect
-added server convar sv_doom_ammocaptype
-added server convar sv_doom_backpackstyle
-added server convar sv_doom_itemlifetime
-added server convar sv_doom_deathscream
-added tag that shows up in the server browser
-updated the way weapon sway is calculated
-updated the way view bob is calculated
-restored the BFG Ray effect to displaying even if it didn’t make a kill
-capped rocket velocity
-modified chaingun firing
-most weapons are now usable by NPCs

I thought this was released awhile back? Anyways nice work dude. Gonna give this shit a try now.

edit: Got a little extra shit on the machine gun texture :slight_smile:

Simply amazing. Good job.

Hell yes.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! EPIC!!! Downloading! :smiley:

Damn that’s a lot of fixes. Nice work.

Awesome it even has the nasty ass models.

Awesome! I made a BFG 9000 a while back with the same mechanics and sounds as in Doom 2, but it didn’t have the model or sprites.
Very nice job on all of them.

These are hard to aim, especially the BFG

pics please?

these are awesome, my father passed by the door and heard me playing with them and sat down watching me play with them. great job!

It takes only two words to describe this swep pack: FUCKING. AWESOME.

These are awesome, you are awesome. Doom II was my first FPS.

As it was mine. Awesome.

Pictures in the download link

Now to make a PP effect to give the 320x240 illusion.

this is awsome, i am having tones of fun

Wonderful and innovative. I like how everything is a sprite, keeps that doom feel.

Nice, now if someone also remade some of the doom levels for source engine.