classic Horror movie monsters

can someone please make ragdolls of classic Horror movie monsters?
i would love those ragdolls

no these request is bad
go bay :’(

why is no 1 reply to my thread

I can do a nude invisible man if you want.

but anyway, if you think you could help me that would be nice

this would be pretty neat.

Original Igor?

(lol in posting this I saw the pic name…Mr. Hyde ><)

Still, that model would work pretty well as Igor as well. Just give him a bit of a hunch, a theriouth lithp, and you’ll have a perfect Igor.


D’OH wrong pic. That’s the Phantom of the Opera, it seems. Still, would make a good Igor.

i am sure it would work pretty well as Igor

Nosferatu is creepy. :ohdear:

Oh wtf that’s not the one I wanted!




Did I just see Blacula?

y yes you do!


Stop that its annoying


I love 12 year olds


Well, before you snipped it. It was a pretty imature response

i am cool

First thing that came to my mind!

The model request would be a good idea, but I would learn how to use a forum before you start posting on it.