Classic HUNK from Resident evil 2 (hack model)


[Classic HUNK from Resident evil 2 (hack model)]
…Bodygroup/skingroup for the lense and bodyparts
…only for ragdolls not for npc or playermodel.

Slant Six Games
Infinity Ward
Zombie Studios
-gib textures
The Hidden: Source team

-Model and Texture extracted

-including mp5
model:Twinkie Masta
Textures: Stoke (skin) FxDarkloki (normals/refs)
-gib textures
The Hidden: Source team

Weight Maps and bones are based on CrzyMLC’s “Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City HUNK”

Operation Raccoon City G Birkin
Slant Six Games,Capcom
Fil (XNALARA community)
-Model and Texture extracted


-fixed smd provided by 2Baxes.

Fan-tastick job!


like really sweet
you did a great job

Wow that is really good.

Thank you kind sir.

thanks, i think i want to hunk you…

Very nice job

Finally, I think this looks better than the newer version of Hunk.

Fantastic, been wanting good quality RE2 Hunk\USS operatives.

Pretty coo’ mah man.

LOL excellent

Now all we need is mutated William Birkin to tear them to pieces.

Amazing… 40 thumbs up to you sir.

You should add nocull to the the vmt that is using this texture on the model
Still a good release tho

great job!

oh thanks. I didn’t notice about the problem.
I’ve updated my file.

This pack includes Gbirkin.

Wow, wasn’t expecting you to do Birkin as well.

Can we have a separated model of MP5? and possibly the muzzleflash model too would be very nice.

Now all we need is it to some one to port it to L4D2,It would be really nice to see it!

I’m kinda confused…
WHY do people still name the text file ‘info.txt’ and not ‘addon.txt’?
AFAIK, the Legacy model browser only works on files with ‘addon.txt’ and ‘info.txt’ results in an error.