Classic Hunting Rifle SWEP

If anyone could make a classic hunting rifle SWEP it would be awesome.

I have 2 pics to show you how i would like it to look.

The first one is nicer, but the other one has that classic look.

If you’re asking for the model, here’s the right place.

If you’re asking for a SWEP, that’s the lua section’s responsibility. I might make this if I have some free time from my assload of other stuff I have to do + Christmas celebrations + procrastination


You joined in 2006 and only made 7 posts? Wow.

I joined same time and have bout 300 something, I just posted stupid things 2 years ago so thats how I got 300.

I know, i made it and forgot it… Havent really spent much time here. I just tried one of my usual names to log in, and it worked. I was kinda surprised:P

But anyway, this is kinda off topic. If you could make this swep/model or know about one, it would be great