Classic Light Stool and Other Goodies!

I know these have been out on the workshop for a while now, but since I’m finally able to post to the forums (I forgot my password, like a dingbat) I’d like to show some of my Workshop creations to everyone here lest they haven’t had a chance to look at the workshop for themselves.

The first thing I’d like to show is the Classic Light Stool. I know several people did not like the fact that the Light Stool was changed to include a model (myself included), so I recreated the original tool and made it a standalone so that it could be used in tandem with the new one. You can find it and more details here:

The next thing I’d like to present is the Orb of Light. This was the first incarnation of the above tool (an experiment because I’m new to LUA). It’s basically a slightly glowing ball of light you can customise colorwise. It doesn’t give off much light, however, so I recommend the Classic Light if you need something more powerful. This is more for prop use than anything else.

The final one is Draco2k’s SFX pack recoded for Gmod13. This does not belong to me, but I noticed someone on here asking for this pack some time ago, and the original author never replied, so I thought I’d recode the pack and rather than keep it for myself, share it out. (If you step forward, Draco2k, I will gladly give you what I worked on and take my upload down so you can host it for yourself.)

If you encounter any errors at all, please feel free to talk to me realtime via steam (My handle of course is Cougarmint) and I will look into it. However, I will need a few things, such as the game mode you were playing at the time of the error, whether it was single or multiplayer, and the exact error message. I will do my best to replicate and resolve the error for you.

Happy Gmodding!