Classic Sonic generations models requested

If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

I need the following models from Sonic Generations as obj, dae, fbx, 3ds or c4d files along with their textures.

Classic Sonic

Classic Robotnik

Classic death egg

Death Egg Robot

If somebody could give me a link preferable to a megaupload and definitely not to, it would be greatly appreciated.


I recently submitted Classic Robotnik to the Models Resource as I mentioned I’d do earlier. I’ll be doing the same with the rest of the models so please be patient, I have to fix up the smoothing groups and all that jazz before I can hand them out.

Thanks :slight_smile: i wasnt sure what was happening after the other group got closed

Wasn’t closed, though, but rather “taken over”. It’ll be back to normal sometime before the end of the month.

Great work! Will we get the other models soon, i dont mean to sound impatient but I’m working on a project and will really need them soon

I’m working on it (as well as half a million other things). Please be patient. I’ll try and get Classic Sonic uploaded there tonight.

Thanks Apoc, I owe you BIG for this! And thanks for rigging it all! Thats more than anybody on turbosquid or thefree3dmodels has done! Haha