Classified Top Secret: Rust Island

Ok, please bear with me. I was bored and on the forums. Thought of this story to involve all enemy candidates in the voting pole.

The following is based off of true events…

September 1947: WWII has ended. Top scientists from across the globe have been recruited to work on top secret MILITARY experiments. A strange incident occurred in June 1947, just months earlier, in Roswell New Mexico, where ALIEN technology was discovered. With this new ALIEN technology, scientists believed they could manipulate space, and time. These experiments, based off of Einsteins unified field theory which was tested earlier in 1943 code named “The Philadelphia Experiment”, required high amounts of electromagnetic waves, and produced extreme amounts of radiation. The Military needed a secure location in order to perform these experiments.

January 1948: The MILITARY obtained control of an island located in the western part of the North Atlantic ocean. The island was previously undocumented, and feared by the few who knew of it’s whereabouts, pilots and captains often refereed to this location as the Bermuda Triangle. The island’s bizarre anomalies were caused by high magnetic fields, which was ideal for the type of experiments to be conducted. Due to the high amounts of salt in the air from sea breezes, and high magnetism, equipment and metal foundations would rust incredibly fast. This island was codenamed Rust Island.

July 1950: The first stages of the experiment have been in process now for a few months. The high amounts of radiation being released from the alpha tests has had major effects on the wildlife within the island, causing them to MUTATE and become extremely aggressive in behavior. The personnel has also encountered strange effects from the large amounts of radiation, most fall ill and are shipped off shore in order to better provide medical attention, often they are never heard from again. This will not stop the continuation of testing.

November 1956: Alpha and beta tests have all been conducted. The final stages of the experiment are underway. Rust Island is now highly contaminated, radioactive “hot zones” are scattered all throughout the island. The wildlife has MUTATED heavily, some animals are unrecognizable. Personnel has been instructed to carry a small firearm on them at all times, and a rifle or shotgun if proceeding outside of the “safe zone”. Encampments have been built in order to house personnel who have become incomprehensive and violent toward others. It has been decided it is best to hold the “infected” here, for secrecy, and to better study.

March 1960: The final experiment has been conducted, and the results were beyond anything that was predicted. The incident was codenamed “Day Zero”. There was a malfunction with the equipment during the midst of the experiment. A power fluctuation, during an ongoing lightening storm, caused a surge at the most undesirable time. The results were catastrophic, the space/time fabric was torn, and an indescribable power source appeared on the far side of the island. Pilots monitoring Rust Island from the sky during the experiment report the island disappearing, then reappearing 17 seconds later in a flash of light. The island underwent severe earthquakes in this period of time, destroying most structures, including the encampments that housed the “infected”. Radiation is now spread over the entire island. It has been decided that if testing is going to continue, it must be done in underground labs.

June 1964: Personnel now resides underground on the island. Tests on the subjects infected with severe radiation poisoning are being conducted. Most subjects become thin, with decaying flesh, and very “ZOMBIE” like in nature. Other subjects have had an opposite effect, becoming insanely violent, and possessing what can only be described as super human strength. Heavily armed soldiers in radiation suits are being sent in by the hundreds in order to clean up the ground level. Their primary goals are to place machinery to disperse the radiation, and “thin out” the population of “infected” personnel, and mutated wild life.

April 1968: Machinery used to lower radiation levels has been successful. Soldiers are still being sent in to combat the problem with the infected, and wildlife. Many platoons fall victim to radiation poisoning themselves. The strange power source still resides on the far side of the island, 13 separate platoons have been sent to investigate this anomaly, only 2 survivors have returned. Unfortunately the survivors are highly delusional, and during debriefing describe an encounter with, what can only be described as mythical creatures, and flesh eating giants. Other soldiers patrolling ground level also report strange lights in the sky, along with crafts that are unidentifiable in origin, and seem to not be effected by gravity. With the appearance of mutilated animals and soldiers, this is quite troublesome. Only few know where certain technologies came from, and the use of that technology in such an inappropriate way might have peeked the interest of the visitors.

To be continued… sorry, have to leave the desk for a while

That was a glorious read. It actually makes a lot of sense.

Garry, here’s your official Rust lore.

sounds good.

Its a great start. All in all very good.

Two things felt odd to me and took me out of the momennt: 1) radiation cannot be removed by machines (radiated material can be collected and disposed of elsewhere but not neutralized, and 2) you might want to reduce the timeline to a few years rather than several decades because the military would probably either pour massive resources into completing the mission promptly, or would abandon the mission, or nuke island entirely if success wasnt forthcoming in a few years.
Primarily because repeated failure is not tolerated and even “black budgets” are not endless.

These are very minor points that I mention only necause they caused me to stop and scratch my head. I offer them as constructive criticism, only, and not as any form of insult.

Great work. Reminds me a bit of the movie The Mist mixed with Stargate and Night of the Living Dead.


really nice :slight_smile:

i was expecting a story like this, thank you… we really appreciate this

Send this to hollywood

Rust :
The movie

Wow. Amazing, should this be put in the creative corner? Its so good, you should include something about a manbearpig though, might make it more… universal. :smile:

Still waiting for the rest! I’m more excited for this than tomorrow update!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that story broo.

Very, very nice. I love a good background story! It makes the game so much more enjoyable!
I pictured this Rust game-story to be that of the Hunger Games where the onlookers vote to send airdrops in order to aid their personal stars of the show, or like the Battle Royale or another movie thats basicly the same, just cant remember the name of it, or an experiment by scientists to document human behavior in a survival situation.

Nice read!!!

2014: A new race of rock bearing men now roam the island. They are very territorial often beating each other if they come too close.

Wasn’t expecting it but read through the whole thing and now i’m waiting for more good job man! And according to the zombie replacement topic you should make a story about how dinosaurs appeared on the island.

you my friend are a winner

Too many inconsistencies. Poor spelling and grammar. I give you a 4/10.

This is great

I like it. Hell, you could make that into a movie…

It is in alpha.

Great read mate

are you thinking of the Schwarzenegger movie “Running Man?”