Claude Speed after executing some targets.

I edited this myself, my first full picture edit.

Oh yeah, the skin is here :


Theres a few reasons why i didnt zoom.

You should always zoom.


There’s no acceptable excuse for not zooming.

You Always fucking zoom, Always.

and if shit starts getting cut off, Back up.

You may think that, but i didnt want to.

A very very thick sort of stupid.

and I shall rate as such.

Differant opinion and not wanting to use an optional tool=stupid. :downs:

Ask anyone here and they’ll tell you to use the zoom tool always.

literally ANYONE here will tell you that.

Please stop being so dumb.

Maybe so, but i dont Need to use it to make something look good.

Actually you do, because this look bad.

You should listen to Ehanced_AI, he’s one of the best posers there is.

So this looks bad because i didnt use zoom?

Yes, it’s got this Fisheye look going on and the edges are stretching.

plus it leaves so much empty space.

I dont really see it.


Well, okay, yeah, the right side is kinda empty.

Just use Zoom always

Meh, i dont know, but i guess i’ll try using it more often.


The edit is very nice though.

If i can remember clear enough, i believe this is the picture i edited the most out of all i have edited.

First time shading a pic too.

enhanced_typo_name is correct. always zoom. i know it’s fucking annoying and really limits what angles you can actually use, particularly indoors, but holy fuck does it beat fisheye by miles.

bad choice of map, too. i dunno what map it is, but it looks like it just leapt out of the late 90s. there’s no detail on anything and the lighting is terrible - the models look like they’re in fullbright, and the map doesn’t look much better. claude’s posing looks okay. the corpses don’t, they all appear to have died in the exact same pose and the blood on keith’s shirt looks like he spilled watered down cranberry juice on it. the blood on the counter, fridge, etc. looks bad by virtue of being paint tooled on.


oh, and jpeg quality. if that’s at 100, find a better host, it’s compressed quite badly.

I see.
And yes, the JPEG quality is at 100, the site i used was uppix.