Claude Speed from GTA 3

Can somebody make a Claude Speed (aka player guy from gta 3) ragdoll?

I think its possible to rip him from the game itself.


That was GTA 2.

Edit; Nvm

anyways, why would you want that crappy model when you have Tommy and Niko?

Soon as I saw the pictures I went:

I don’t have GTA 3 right now, it is model from San Andreas…

Someone needs to rig the HD Claude model from the xbox version of GTA3. It looks far better than both the GTA3 PC one and the SA one.

It’s nothing special, the ragdoll isn’t really good… :effort:

I like the GTA 3 version better but this will do.


Its kinda hard to pose(not worse than the Max Payne ragdoll) but other than that its pretty good, thanks.

It’s hard to pose because it is one of my first ragdolls :downs:

And also because i was a bit lazy with the physics limits…