Claude Speed, V2

Claude from GTA II.




AaronM202/S.N. (me)-skinning

Crazymlc and HalfLambada-original model and skin.**

You are Best Aaron :smiley:

Just for the record, I believe the actual quote from the pilot was “He’s over there; he’s a guy!”

Oh thanks man.

Now, the real problem is finding models for CJ , Toni, and Vic.


Oh it is? damn, i forgot.

Vic i know maybe.

you now AI`S pa Skin?

you can just reskin that.

Hmm, nah, maybe something else.

Thats last resort.

I still think Johnny Klebitz for Francis would be Awesome

And i told you im only remaking the GTA III era protagonists cause they’re low qaulity and low poly.

Too bad it doesn’t look anything like him.


The face I mean

Why did he open the mouth on the last pic?

Do you have a clue how Claude really is?

He is the most badass mute person ever, no expressions whatsoever

Nevertheless, awesome skin, doubting about the face tho

Needs phong

Hmm, i found a good referance image, and edited the face texture.

How about this:

Courtesy of my buddy OnePiece from GTAForums for the awesome HD model

I see.

I’ll change the face and shirt right away.

The shirt isn´t necessary

It was an optional texture by the author of the model





I think it could be better if someone could edit the model and make the hair larger, or something.


Maybe i should find a new model, if anyone could help find one, it would be appreciated.

Sir that title will forever remain with The One Free Man.

So you took one of my facemaps and barely made it look different.

That was your facemap? i found one in a pack on .org, and put it over Lambada’s.



I updated it, it is now GTA II claude.

what pack?..and nice work aaron