Clean Nick

He took his $15,000 suit to the cleaners.

Clean versions of ‘em otha’ guys is unlikely, but you never know eh.


Whoever figures out how I made it gets a free bonus model

There’s blood on his back though.

That’s an illusion you’re seeing things you’re hallucinating.

its bullet impactes

wow it looks so real and great
awesome man

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for a release since saw it in the WIP/Pimpage thread. Rated useful

finally, good job man
hope you make more useful reskins like this

Didn’t you use Render to Texture?

Heal tool.

Oh god, YES.

Using a filter and desturate? D:

Looks great!

You used the textures from another model?

Either that or you made a whole layer of white and made the normals transparent in another layer so it looks like there are folds n ridges, Thats what they did with the Doom 3 models that S-Low ported to source.

Or used Crazybump, got the OCC or SPEC image it gave you and made a new texture out of that (I do this sometimes to make custom textures)

Or you e-mailed some folks at Valve, they did that with the L4D 1 survivors.

Nick is a fucking man.

Blasting through zombies only to go clubbin later on.

He severely lacks buttons. You should have skinned some on.

Really? Where can I get them?

I see some right there on the model.

Anyways, Reflectent got it half right even though I’m pretty sure he cheated because I told him before, and -Rusty- plus F T got the other half right. I rendered to texture in 3DS Max so it basically made a white ambient occulision map (rendered the texture blank with shadows) then I colored it in nicely and desaturated the normal map and used an overlay texture on it. Here is the link for the free model unrelated to clean Nick just because I don’t think it’s fair only to the people who got it half right.

I e-mailed one of the animation artists who worked on Half-Life 2/L4D (I think his name was Milo, he was awesome) and asked for a clean sheet of the formal L4D1 zombie and he attached 2 versions of it a few days later. Valve’s awesome.


Now… forgive me for being impatient, but can we get this for all the other L4D models? As in 1 and 2 together?

Thanks again!

Isn’t the detective in your misc models pack?

Awesome job. I had requested something like this a while ago but it never got picked up.

This is a new version. :smug:

If it shows up as the detective with the trenchcoat that might be my fault. I made 2 different models named detective.mdl.