clean player EAC banned

I recently just joined the rust community 8 days ago, and I was EAC banned from all servers. I get crash and disconnect when I cut wood !! Can you help me ?

Nope, you have to take it up with EAC if you want to try and have it overturned.

What’s your steam id?

conflicting information. you wouldn’t even get into the server when banned.

Provide further information or be ignored like the rest.

My Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:125295131

Details of this SteamID
Steam2 ID STEAM_0:1:125295131
Steam3 ID (32bit) [U:1:250590263]
Steam3 ID (64bit) 76561198210855991 (Dec)
11000010eefb437 (Hex)
Country Unknown
First seen as banned (CET) Never
Last time checked (CET) 2015-10-14 18:20:33
Times checked 4
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Used nicknames
Seen on Nickname
2015-10-13 20:14:12 At0mik

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1 game ban(s) on record |
65 day(s) since last ban

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Which game are you gamebanned on? Just curious.

I don’t know, i play with my father account ^^’

probably rust. EAC bans come up as a “game ban” in steam AFAIK.

If you were EAC banned, you wouldn’t even be able to get into the game in order to cut wood. Something else is going on.

Nop u dont understand, when I cut wood, i get crash and after the EAC ban …

Are you able to log on to other servers? If you were EAC banned, you would not even be able to log on


So what you are saying is you were playing and then you were disconnected and upon re attempting to log you saw a EAC ban?
If that is the case, no one can help you with this here, you must contact EAC.
Although, there are EAC mods who sometimes see these posts and will let you know if you are perma banned.

Contact them here

Good job missing SMa asking them for their Steam ID in this thread. No need to refer them back, just wait for SMa to swing by again tomorrow or whenever.

lol Elix you crack me up sometimes

Another cheater caught and banned. Chalk that 1 up as a victory! These cheaters need maximum suppression!

I’m, not cheater

Everyone should just shut the hell up until SMa comes back. Flaming him won’t change jack.

Well if you have an account with an active ban and you are saying you are now banned on rust, then yeah you are a cheater, simple as that! As some1 who has been gaming 24 years I really hate cheaters!