Clean Slate

This is an interactive.

In this interactive comic you decide for a young adult named Jerry who has just moved into Brooklyn, New York. Action will come later on in the story.

This is just the introduction telling you how things work and such. It’s pretty simple actually if you use logic.


<---- click

Sorry about the darkness. It’ll be like that in the apartments.

Get some breakfast!

I was expecting for another dumb interactive, but this one is pretty good.

To be honest, I used to get annoyed by every comic title having “(interactive)” after it, but after reading some of the good ones, it motivated me. Thanks by the way.

Go to work.

If you read, it says work starts in an hour.



**A. Bacon, eggs, and a cheeseburger
B. Russian Skittles
C. Poptarts and money
D. Silver apple and sausage

Then what should he do?**

D then take money


Russian Skittles! So to represent life in Moscow!

Eat the Pop-Tarts and money, then go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped because he just ate Pop-Tarts.