Clean-up Crew

I wonder why this was cut from HL2.

Too blurry and too much contrast.

Chesty said it.

Tone the blur down a little and it might be ok, from what i can see though the posing is fine.

The posing with the cremators is tough, especially the arms, so I exaggerated the blur a bit to make the arms look less broken looking. That and I wanted to emphasize the back-lighting to make the concept of the cremator in the foreground darker. But I still saved the scene so I will fiddle with it some later.

Wow they look realy scary :D, but realy nice.

I like it, The cremator up front is kinda spooky, I think it captures what they would have been like ingame.

Walking along then you see 2 of them, just walking towards you.

Pretty blurry.