Clean up design to put emphasis on content

Topic/reply text seems to be one of the last things my eyes find focus on when browsing around. I think removing excessive stuff or tucking it away so the design focuses more on content, less on features, would be good.

A good start might be typography/font sizes.

Give me an example. I know there’s a lot of shit about, but give me somewhere to start.

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the bottom of each thread is a clusterfuck of information I dont care about that distracts me from the discussion

this would be my preference

Fixed it.

Its all comic sans now.

Noise when ? I really liked the noise on rust website. It adds a bit of taste/ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Whipped this up quickly. I like ez readable font and know where the content is immediately. Usually FP has pretty good about this in website design. My thought was to add spacing, increase size of some text, and move the sidebar thing to a less distracting position, but definitely keep it around it’s useful.

edit - some cleaning up on homepage, might have removed too much tho: ehHZbQz.png (2560×1281) (


The forums look nice now , very nice

I miss the red banner

That looks sweet - I implemented some of your fixes from this


Awesome, it’s looking pretty good now.

The only thing that is notably off to me now is this:

I sat and stared at it for a while but can’t come up with anything better short of removing it or making the logo tiny. Maybe it’s not that bad.


I think making the logo smaller and enlarging the text is a good way to go

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Design is pretty ugly compared to other forums. Way too much wasted space

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Had a few ideas for this spot:


Is there a chance the forum pages can be widened? I believe that was a feature of the old site.

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