Clean up- Soldier moving bodys


I like the colors and the smoke mate, the posing and the angle seem fine too :slight_smile:
But the dodge/burning looks a little random.

I wish I could edit pictures like this

Either that or he just beat down a horde of zombies with a shovel. :v:

Eh, It’s alright, nothing to complain about, but nothing to really praise either.

Also It’s ‘bodies’.

Thankyou, i do have a habit of messing up the Dodge/burning. I will master it one day, i must! :slight_smile:


Of course, silly me.

Try to refrain from overusing the burn tool like that. However, other than that, the picture is overall good.

Yeah, im going to try to be a little more subtle with the burning in my next picture.
Thanks for the C&C all.