Clean Water Material. How to do this?

I have a question. All the stock water materials are all murky and brown when you jump inside, and don’t really look all that clean from above.

In my map, I have a pool, and a jacuzzi which both require clean, crystal clear water.

I have VTFEdit, I have Pakrat, and I know the basics to Valve Material File programming. All I need now, is how to actually make the material.

I already gave it a try by turning off the fog, by changing the boolean to 0 instead of 1. I put the bump map, normal map, texture map and material into the .bsp using Pakrat, but I had a few problems.

1: The surface of the water existed of squares. These weren’t black and purple, but just squares that floated along, taking in the environment lightning and everything.

2: When I jumped in, the surface of the water was fine, but it was still dirty and foggy inside.

Can anyone help me out here? I want the water they also used in those GMK Mirror’s Edge-like maps. That was perfectly clean.

to fix the underneath water issue, grab the water_underneath.vmt texture to fix it.