Cleaning up these "super weapons"


Agree x 1
Less super weapons and more dear sister sweps./sarcasm
Seriousely guys,what’s the fun in making 5 seconds sweps anymore? is already full of that shit,don’t add it to the toybox too,we want toybox to have weapons,not some kind of what-i-suppose you-call-super-weapon shit.
For a better toybox.

I super disagree, but that’s only because the silly weapons are the most fun. Like the harpoon launcher, or the melon grenade launcher, or the lolnade (Yes Tetabonita made one of those)

one of those
There’s one guy in there who uploaded 7 CSS “super weapons”

To me, that’s kind of annoying to upload crap weapons like that. If you want weapons like that, the dump pool is in Let’s try to keep the Toybox clean.

Uhh well those kinda weapons that try to be realistic aren’t very fun at all, especially if they’re just a 1000 bullet per second sprayer. I was thinking by super weapon, he meant flechette shotguns and the like.

Now those are awesome.

Pack yourself into a suitcase and attach a balloon. Sad music plays

I was the first to make a super-auto-pistol though :frown:

There really should be a “no 5 second stuff” rule on the toybox, or atleast a rule to prevent all the shit that do the same thing but only have a different model like the CSS super weapons or the bouncy shit.


Those things shouldn’t be on Toybox:
-NPC/entity welders.
-Bouncy entities without any additional functions (Bouncy Gman should not be removed because it can rotate and scream).
-“Admin” weapons and other 2s crap.
-Reuploads of CSS weapons.
-Weapons with bad ironsight.
-Stolen uploads.
There should be additional categories for:
-Direct weapons and entity ports from Valve games (with marking what game is thing from, and only the best port should stay on Toybox).
-Direct ports from non-Valve games (which should be removed on developer’s request).

Super weapons are fun every once in a while, but I completely agree that they need to be categorized.

Less shitty billboard entities that plays a dumb video also.

It doesnt need to be on toybox though, just make three weapons yourself, one which fires shots incredibly fast, but doesnt do much damage, one which also fires shots incredibly fast, but do a lot of damage, and one which is only semi automatic, which again, does a lot of damage, and i see no reason you would need any more.

Just get rid of it completely, it’s stupid and annoying. They’re all the same thing just different looking.

I don’t use anything from toybox ever since the friendly gnome.

He only wants to give you a hug.

A hug you’ll never forget.

So, you’re saying an otherwise awesome weapon should be removed because it has a bad ironsight position? Wow.

Yes, if it has a bad iron-sight it is not complete, therefore it should not be uploaded.