Cleanup in the console.


I’ve got my dedicated server up and running now, but because its targeted at mingebags, the server needs some cleanup after a while.
Is there a console command for this, because i don’t wanna be in the game all the time, but i do have a remote desktop to my server all the time.

I googled the hell out of it, but i couldn’t find anything.

So, again: What’s the console command for cleanup everything?

(btw, for those of you who would like to mingebag around, the server is: Mingebag Paradise )

You can cleanup your server with Assmod or, use Q go in Utilities and cleanup.

I think it’s gmod_admin_cleanup.

@darkpirater: I think aegis3d means from in the console itself without gmod running.

Yay, it worked, thanks!

Also, to clean up just one person’s props, I think you can use gmod_cleanup, but I’m not sure.

Or if you Have/Go download Simple Prop Protection you can set it so when a player leaves his,her’s props get cleaned up.