Clear player's console upon joining server.

Good afternoon everyone.

I am looking into clearing player’s console upon joining my server, however as described here:, some commands such as “clear” are not available. Would anyone happen to have anything similar?


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Why would you want to do this

Players often like to provide full console log when reporting certain events. I on the other hand would love to provide links and other information in the console hence why I would like the console histroy cleaned. This makes everything easier and straightforward.

I would like to hear if someone got any tips for this. Thanks.

Could mass print into their console but idk

  • snip -

This is a dumb idea IMO. Some players may have some missing resources or something that would show up in the console and that they might want to see upon joining the server.

print( string.rep( "
", 10000 ) )

True but you know people want what people want like the guy that wants help making a t weapon cost 0 credits… the Silenced pistol is super fucking op, i use it and get around to 9 kills a round on a bad day

Or you could just do ply:ConCommand(“clear”)

Thanks for all the replies guys.

Spamming the console with empty lines is a alternative, however it seems very unprofessional hence why I would like to avoid doing so. Thanks for the suggestion anyways!

ConCommand has sadly the same restrictions as RunConsoleCommand.

I would love to keep the discussion going guys! Any suggestions are welcome.

Forcefully clearing someone’s console by itself is unprofessional :v

Log entries in my player’s consoles are addon warnings and errors caused by other servers’ poor setup. As @mijyuoon mentioned above, I can assure you that I handle all my content professionally and nobody on my server will ever miss out on any required element. Console output from other’s servers are not in my business and ideally I don’t want to deal with players showing me 3rd party logs.

TL;DR I’m looking into making the session’s console output fully dedicated to my own server to not struggle with 3rd party console output.

Control F
Find “print(”
Replace “-- print(”
Click replace all

To find "grep -R print( gmod_folder
Replace or remove those

(I forgot the other console print function ok)

The console is used for debugging, you can tell because on other source games it is disabled by default. You’re not supposed to use it as your main source of output

Can you please elaborate what you’re trying to say slightly more? I’m certainly sure but would like to hear more.

I’m afraid that’s not the case most of the time however as I mentioned before, as players are on my server I want all the log entries in their console to be dedicated to the current session.

I’m open to hear more suggestions!

How about you don’t do any of this?

Hey y’all again.

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I kicked off a better discussion over with a couple of developers and came to a solution.

Thanks for all the input from your side guys!

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