Clear water texture

Hi all

I’ve been going through them one by one… but is a very slow process so I thought to ask here

Which water texture is nice and clear? ie not murky and brown

Also, does the texture affect the underwater foggyness or do I need to set that with some form of entity in hammer? I’d like to reduce that too if possible


I would suggest using the question megathread.

oh, sorry didn’t realise there was one :slight_smile: Will do

Dev2 is pretty clear.

As IronPhoenix says, I’d use Dev2 but if you want, you can create your own water texture, I did so for my Ianna’s Temple Part 2 map (though it was just a color change). I am sure that there is some way to get rid of refractions.

It may be just as simple as changing the value of $fogenable to 0, in the vmt file for the texture.


Let’s say you have two vmt for the texture -


You would want to set the $fogenable variable to 0 on both.

Should look something like this in the .vmt(s)

"$fogenable" 1
"$fogcolor" "{8 125 231}"
"$fogstart" 1
"$fogend" 1100.00

Just change the 1 to 0 :slight_smile:

Or if you want it a little bit more realistic you could just change the $fogend distance to whatever works for you.

My favorite is coast_3