Clearing decals by radius?

Is there a way to clear decals local to a radius? Like only clear decals by the radius of 20 at lookpos?

Not possible, I’ve looked into it and even suggested adding the feature in the Next Update thread

You would have to write your own decal system and match them with an id.

3d2d possibly but that’d be a bit performance heavy.

Or find a way to exploit the player sprays but i highly doubt that is an option nor would it even work very well because nobody could spraypaint and you wou- why am I typing this it’s not gonna work.

No, you can’t.

from an old addon by andrew mcwatters
[LUA]–The Source Engine will remove decals in a given area if there
–are too many of them, thus giving us a cleaning effect.
for i=0, math.random( 10, 15 ) do
local Pos1 = traceHit.HitPos + traceHit.HitNormal
local Pos2 = traceHit.HitPos - traceHit.HitNormal

	util.Decal( "Splash.Large", Pos1, Pos2 );

What the hell is the point of that math.random.

Also wouldn’t that leave a splat mark behind? I remember cleaning servers with the paint tool but you could never get it totally cleansed.

Besides I think that radius is less than 10 units.