Clearing Enemies.

boring and samey, just like all your other pictures. unless you actually try something different and original, you may as well just stop posting them - they all look exactly the same. if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

(User was banned for this post ("ass" - garry))

Pretty much. Which is a shame, since it looks like you’re putting a lot of effort into your pictures, but when you make the same picture 100 times, it becomes a wasted effort. I would suggest you try something completely different for once, and maybe get away from the desaturated “War is gritty” look.

I have to agree with this. Yet if you like doing those, keep doing them and keep posting.
When I check your picture, I quickly look at the details and move and move to the next thread. Some people should do the same instead of whining. This is a hobby, and nobody forces anybody to see and comment their pics.

i was wondering how long it’d be before someone from the Special Snowflake Brigade showed up

if you can’t be bothered to put some fucking effort in, then don’t post. nobody forces anyone to post shitty samey pictures.

Yes but what if he likes doing them? You won’t force a man to quit his passion because of your petty artistic senses willing to see original stuff.

Unless it makes you feel happy to repeat over and over this is generic and that he should stop posting, you may let him share his love for military stuff, I don’t think it does harm anyone around. This is my point of view, you have yours, I doubt you’ll ever try to understand it (failed with dickgirl69015) so let’s stop it there.

if he likes making the same picture over and over again he doesn’t need to post it here to fulfill that particular part of his life, does he?

also, way to be totally off the mark. his love for military stuff? i could rip into you for implying that i somehow don’t understand that (what with me actually being in it and all :rolleye:), but even more hilarious is the implication that to express this he absolutely must post every identical picture he ever makes. on top of that, anyone with a true love of or even interest in military gear would know better than to use cod models and pose a few dudes standing in the open doing nothing in particular.

i like how you snuck in that little flame directed at 5omeone at the end, for someone suggesting we stop here you sure are being inflammatory

Trying to get me into an arguement and rating me dumb doesn’t mean you’re right. Why don’t you ignore the thread when you see the maker is Ddok or tlsaudrl2548 instead of showing your huge artistic e-penis and shitting on him?

Internet, serious buisness.

He’s giving the guy criticism, by saying that the picture is boring and he should make it more exciting. That’s enough of a reason.

Oh God. Why do you always feel the need to say this like it puts you above everyone else? It’s the most hypocritical statement you could possibly write.

no no but simkas EVERYONE IS A PRECIOUS, UNIQUE, SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE and it is my fault if i do not like their work even if i have legitimate complaints from both artistic and military standpoints!!!

Honestly, who cares?

They’re just some pictures

But anyways, it’s generic like all those other pictures you make which is basically. “MOHDURN WOORFAER 2 GUIS SHOOT A GUY”

It’s not putting me above everyone. If you don’t like explosions and bland action movies, you won’t watch a Michael Bay movie, would you? Well same thing here, if you don’t like MW2, random military stuff with eye candy everywhere, then don’t check a korean thread.

What’s pissing me off is not the fact he said this, it’s because it has been said for weeks and weeks and weeks now. I think he got the point some people find it generic and bland. If he keeps doing them it’s obviously because he likes doing it and there’s no fucking reason you should keep bothering.

People also flamed mah ass when I was doing generic shit and voila.
No more generic shit.
Also: White Knights of the Internet lol

Yes and then I rant about it and give it a shitty review and groan every time anyone mentions it.

That’s what nerds do.

what pisses me off is that you seem utterly hellbent on excusing people for making rubbish when they are given all the tools they need to improve.

if they want to make rubbish (christ knows why), then they don’t need to post it. if they don’t, then they need to stop listening to apologists like you who tiptoe around every little issue because you’re so fucking scared of offending anyone, and start listening to people who actually want to see them get better at what they do.

You still are doing generic shits, yet nobody whines at you. Can’t tell why, maybe because you’re not Korean and people prefer L4D to MW2.

or maybe because at least his pictures have some variation other than what colour overlay is used and precisely which of the two or three people is shooting offscreen

if you think he compares to this guy on any level you’re quite frankly a huge idiot

I’m not scared of telling someone his picture sucks, and when I do, I explain why and try to get points which are good and should be kept in the next picture. That doesn’t mean I’m acting butthurt like you.
Here the posing and editing are, if not awesome, good. You’re just whining because it looks the same as all of his other stuff. He obviously DOESN’T want to change anything in his pictures, if he did, he would have done it already.
He’s doing this for ages, and apart from a few isolated complaints, nobody gave a shit until the sudden wave of lessons givers assholes like you or 69015 pops out from the dark. Anyone would have been told to shut up if he acted like you in the past, now everybody seems to like it when you come in someone’s thread and act like a dick for the sake of constructive criticism.

Well guess what, you’re a dick, shut up, and if you don’t want to shut it, get a fucking politeness lesson. Right now I’m criticising your posts in general, not the one in this thread. I’ll just say exactly what I said to 69015, this is not the army, I don’t want a big mouth sergeant yelling at me in order to make me improve my stuff, this is a community, we’re sharing stuff because we like it, most of us aren’t artists and aren’t willing to become one. We should all be friendly to each others instead of threating someone like shit “because it’s the only way he’ll really want to improve”. What will most likely happen is that those koreans will leave and stop posing at all, you will probably be happy and your dick will feel hard and hot, but the guy leaving won’t feel the same, and people liking his poses (yes, your opinions might differ from some other people’s opinions) aswell.

tl;dr : :frog:


They’re EXACTLY the same dude :

I’m not bitching at those pics because they look good, but there’s absolutely no difference apart from minor lightning tweaks in them. He’s exactly like those koreans (no offense pal), just he’s not doing MW2 stuff.

I actually lol’d.


At you.