Clearing Enemies.

BRIGADE gurne, you illiterate tool

we still bros though

I like Armageddon.

what about all the ones since?

i liked the first few of tlddhshgfdgidjg’s pictures, back when they tended to be generic but not samey. since then, though, he’s gone the way of michael bay.

Hey, I haven’t slept yet. I’m only half registering letters and words.

nor have i, and i have uni in… 6 hours. need to be up in 3.


It was directed to you, indeed, but tell me where the fuck this is provoking, I’m just telling you you should stop whining.

Your posts are in fact as samey and generic as his pictures:

I suggest you start getting new ideas like… I don’t know, ignoring or stop being a dick?

Good game, loser. I’m gonna go back to writing my fanfictions about inane bullshit then. Peace, Facepunch.

maybe you should get some too! like not preaching against something and doing it yourself.

the fact my posts are the same is because his pictures are the same, what the fuck did you expect? quit clutching at strawmen. if you can’t come up with at least a half-decent argument, don’t bother perpetuating this shitfight - especially since your continued involvement immediately destroys any ability you might have to claim moral superiority. you’re as bad as i am right now, congrats.

look, i’ll even give you about 8 hours to come up with a decent argument - not that i’m expecting one. i’m going to go sleep. have fun trying to come up with some logic that’s in your favour.

Funny considering all your posts are based on the same good old argument you’re pulling since the beggining “they’re all the same”, cool, you never really answered to my question : where’s the need in being a dick to tell him?

Oh wait yes, I forgot the Snowflakes and Mr. Strawman arguments, those were fucking brillant and really showed how much of an intelligent guy you are. Why do I even bother, you’re exactly like 69015 and Kurit.

Rossmum, didn’t I already tell you? You are just ruining for your points if you keep being obsessed with being right!

Excuse me, but… Is the whole argument inspired by: rossmum is an ass?

Rossmum is acting like a dick, not rossmum is an ass, I won’t judge someone, just their acts. And here they’re fucking retarded.

You do realize that your acts are a result of who you are?

I don’t think it’s humanly possible to be as bad as Kurit. I don’t know who 69105 is so I can’t really pass any sort of opinion, but I read Kurit’s stuff. It was just… wow, seriously wow. Additionally, does this argument really need a constant reaffirmation by the public with each new post made? Can’t you guys just take this to PMs, ignore list each other, or maybe just let it go entirely?

Welcome to Facepunch.

No, not really. Someone can be a real asshole, and once you get to know him, he’s a very nice boyo, in the other hand, someone can act real nice and in fact be a fucking retard. You can’t judge someone’s personality by their acts, this is much more complex.

Okay no, comparing anyone to Kurit is like saying that he’s a complete retard and douchebag. That guy praised himself as being the most amazing at everything and completely ignored and dismissed anyone who even tried to criticize his stuff. I’m sorry, but I don’t see rossum or 69015 doing any of those things.

I’m beginning to regret breaking my vow of lurking only already.

If I’m an asshole here, than that must be triggered by something I am in real life.
For instance, if someone acts like a tough guy on the internet, he is probably a fucking pathetic piece of shit in real life. Your actions are defined by who you are.

Get some sources, because I know a shitload of living examples that contradict this statement.