Clearing out the mine. (Skyrim comic)

The reason behind the ridicolous choice of main character in this comic is due to the lack of flexible medieval models. This was the only one I could find. :C

Totally based on a true story. A guy told me forsworn had overrun his mine and killed all his men. he was standing right next to the entrance, I walk in and stealthily start attacking, only to realise I am attacking miners… After a quick look at my map. Turned out there was another mine just up the road.

All witnesses killed: 40 bounty removed from the rift

Forsworn don’t play man, those are tough dudes.

That outfit.

That’s all I can think of in response.

I blame the Nexus community.

this is some fine skin/model.
and sweet comic. i totally know, what you mean.

what is it with people posting comics with each frame as a 1680 wide picture? really unnecessary

but good story. well executed

Crap forgot to resize the panels… Havent made a comic in ages

obvious cave entrance

Tig ol’ bitties.

was too distracted by the model.

Rastifan would rejoice.

source for the girl.
If you got it at digitalero, link it to me.


Where did you get that medieval elexis , man?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve been using the same gmod folder for 2 years now. I assume it’s been released since I have it tho. Try checking out some of dtmechs packs. Fairly certain it’s from there.

I did the same exact thing, in fact I know exactly what cave you mean too hahaha

I also have that model, I think it came with someone’s pack of random models. Maybe Dean’s random character pack? I think a year or two ago several people released mass character packs.

I’d let her clean my mine anyday.

The image dosent work on my end, can anyone explain whats happening for me?