Clearing up a few things related to VAC

I am posting this for a few reasons, due to the fact there is a lot of people whining about hackers, and people whining about the fact people with VAC bans are allowed to play, and I imagine a lot of people are getting sick of it.

So to let you guys know VAC is active in this game, but it doesn’t load any anti-cheats at all, it is just there doing nothing. Go have a look at the store page for Rust there is no signs of VAC being enabled (, if you want to compare it go onto a Counter Strike page and have a look, it says Valve Anti Cheat Enabled (

Also for the people out there that fail to understand what VAC does basically when you have hacks detected it will ban you from that game engine, not every single game there is. For example since Rust has it’s very own engine and is independently made if you get a VAC ban on it, you will be banned from Rust that is it. But if you get VAC banned on lets say CS:S you get a ban from all the HL2 Engine games (DOD:S, CS:GO, HL2, TF2). So to make it clear having a VAC ban will not mean that you are banned from Rust at all.

It is done like this because VAC can’t ban people from every game due to the fact they may only cheat in one game, or be tricked into it, there is a lot of reasons. The main one though is to make Steam money, if VAC banned people from all their games for cheating they would lose tens of thousands of customers as no one would purchase another account for it to be banned also. Also Garry can’t make the decision to ban everyone from Rust that has a VAC ban, due to the fact he can’t refund the money since he never stated when selling the game that people with a VAC ban will be unable to play. If he did attempt to do this without refunding cash then Trading Standards would get involved (basically the law enforcement for fake advertising etc…)

And just to point out also, the thread that is for reporting hackers will not get anyone a VAC ban, as the only way someone can be banned by VAC is when their systems detect the person is cheating. Not from reports (except from 1 situation), or anything else. Hope this clears up a lot, and makes you guys think twice before whining about VAC and how they should change it.