Clense. Purge. Kill!!!!

My second pic edited w/ GIMP!!!1.jpg

badass nice posing . but you need rim lightin because dat flame thrower.

Use the npc models… the ones DAn used in that pack. They look much more proportionate… I can’t take these models seriously.

i think first off you should learn to spell.
then you should practice on your posing
and then you should turn off your filter rape and redo this pose

I didnt do any filtering, that must be the map your talking about, whats wrong with the posing?
and where is the typo you speak of?

You need to make the muzzleflashes look like they’re emitting some light and less like they’re just copy and pasted from google.


The editing is still off, the muzzleflashes look superimposed, and the blood powdery.

This time I also can notice the awkwardness of the poses and/or the hardness to pose these. Sadly, my approach is that then you just shouldn’t, wait for better ones or make them if you can.

That I know, those are just power armor, not robots acting as a sort of transport-like weapons system… if so, they look way too big.

They look a bit crammed on the stairs

Still an alright picture, but nothing awesome.

how do you get flame effects

The pics alright as said

Thanks for the advice, any tips on how to improve how I edit pics?
if you think those guys are big take a look at this guy, I guess you could say they kinda are half robot. O_o

Lalw, Those space marines look like midgets somehow :V The effects are nice, the muzzles are good but you couldve placed some blooddecals onto the stairs under the corpses and around em. (Download some better blood decals than the gmod defaults if youre gonna take my advice, they suck)

I spy my Feral Ghouls(I’m deathbucket’s alt)

none of the effects were made in game


Great job on those by the way

Just for further notice (I think I’ll be rating your future pictures too), I’m probably not the one to ask about that… But the advice others have been giving has seemed good, to my common sense anyways.

I appreciate any advice that I can get, seeing that i am very much new to editing with GIMP